4 Minecraft-Related Projects For You To Check Out

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minecraft projectsThe great thing about Minecraft is that it has inspired a community of gamers that focus on collaboration and creativity. However, this community goes beyond the game’s servers. The voxel building simulator has spawned a multitude of Minecraft-related art and creations that are outside of the virtual world through various other media.

Below, we have four different types of Minecraft-inspired projects for you to check out, and they are all unique in their very own ways. These items range from videos to artwork, and ultimately, it’s pretty amazing what this one game has inspired. So grab your pickaxe and a few cookies, for we’re digging into Minecraft today.

Minecraft Music Videos

Yep, it’s exactly as the title says. There are a bunch of animators and gamers out there who have decided to make all kinds of Minecraft-fueled music videos, and they tend to be parodies of Top 40 songs. Of course, the creators always replace the lyrics with Minecraft-related ones.

Above you’ll find the Minecraft parody “Revenge” as uploaded by CaptainSparklez, and it is one of the best quality creations out on YouTube. The song is a parody of Usher’s “DJ’s Got Us Falling In Love“, and yes, it can be as awkward as it sounds. However, after a few seconds of watching, it’s a little pleasurable if you accept it for what it is.

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Minecraft Comics

minecraft projects

You’ll find Minecraft comics everywhere, and a lot of them tend to pop up on Minecraft’s own very populated subreddit. However, the one above is from Enderbro. The unidentified creator (perhaps known simply as AskEnderBro) has composed a comic which makes light of the fearsome Minecraft creature which teleports in a most terrifying way and secretly (and swiftly) steals blocks.

The comic is in Tumblr form, but there’s some funny stuff on here.

Minecraft Costumes

Cosplay is a really big thing in gaming circles, but who would have thought Minecraft would play into it? Yep, there are a lot of Minecraft costumes out there, and right here, we actually have one made of the game’s main “character”: Steve. Yes, the costume itself is just as stiff and blocky as you would expect, and the wearer’s movements are quite lifelike.

However, this isn’t the only costume on YouTube. Go ahead and run a search for “Minecraft costumes”, and you’ll see what I’m talking about (there are even a few Creeper ones, but no, they don’t explode).

Minecraft Art

minecraft projects

There’s also a great deal of Minecraft-related art on the Internet, and -Djohaal’s creative cube (above) is one of them. You’ll find several communities out there devoted to sharing and developing Minecraft-related art, and you can actually find a lot of them simply by heading over to DeviantArt to find a great deal of it. Of course, there’s plenty of art in other places, and it’s very interesting to see different people’s interpretations of Minecraft creatures and characters.


Minecraft is an amazing game – truly revolutionary, when you think about it. Fortunately, a lot of other people on the Internet think so, too, and that’s why we have this amazing stuff right here.

What other Minecraft-related creations have you found? Do you have any Minecraft-related projects you’re working on right now?

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josemon maliakal

he..he..nice songs ..


Did u check you all of Captainsparkels songs? All note blocks.


ya…really liked it



I am addicted to Minecraft at the moment of writing this. Just downloaded it yesterday.


Alex Perkins

I was unsure of Minecraft but then really got into it. After Xmas I’m even putting up a server.


Alex Downs

I do love the Revenge song, TNTis also hillarious

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