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Do you wish you had the sick rap flow that made people stand up and cheer like Eminem We Like You: 8 Musicians With The Most Popular Pages On Facebook We Like You: 8 Musicians With The Most Popular Pages On Facebook People use Facebook in lots of different ways. Connecting with friends, sharing photos online, and discovering news are just a few examples. Also popular are Facebook Pages, which are profiles for celebrities, bands, brands, and... Read More and the other awesome rappers in the game? The fact is, you aren’t him, but with a little help from your iPhone and a few choice apps, you most can certainly try to do the same.

Of course, you will still need the ability to string together a decent line of text that rhymes. One things for sure, this will take some practice and lots of time. At the very least, these applications will steer you in the right direction, and before you know it, you’ll be putting together some incredible rap selections.

I’ve hidden something special in the intro, can you tell me what it is? Read carefully, and tell me, do you think I might be a rap whiz?

I Am T-Pain ($2.99)

This is the app that made everyone realize that with just a little bit of auto tune and a good beat GrooveMixer: Create Beats & Rhythms On Your Smartphone [Android] GrooveMixer: Create Beats & Rhythms On Your Smartphone [Android] Read More , they too could sound like a somewhat decent rapper. Personally, I am not a fan of auto tune when its used by professional musicians – as they should have the skill to make a song without it – but for the average joe like you and I, it’s a fun way to make a song that sounds half-way decent. The application also lets you record a song without auto tune, but that will require a little more skill.


The app can connect to your favorite social media sites, so you can share your tracks on Facebook and Twitter. You get a few beats to record over for the initial transaction, and you can buy more though an in-app purchase.


AutoRap (Free)

This app is actually very cool. It takes a rap or speech, no matter how terrible, and fixes it to sound like a decent song. It snaps the syllables to a beat, and while it won’t sound as good as someone who actually knows how to deliver a properly flowed rap track, the results are pretty impressive. It’s from Smule, the company responsible for some other great apps like Magic Guitar Magic Guitar: Taking Music Games In A New Direction [iPhone] Magic Guitar: Taking Music Games In A New Direction [iPhone] The iPhone has a lot of rhythm games. Right from the outset, the Tap Tap series was seeing huge success on the device. It was the most popular application for months, and everyone was having... Read More , so you know it’s of top quality.


If you have some rapping ability, you might not like the fact that this application alters the way you flow, but for those of us (like me, as you can tell by the intro) who lack skill, this application saves the day. It’s fun to pull out at a party and let your friends feel like rap superstars for a couple of minutes. You never know, you might have the next Eminem in your group of friends just waiting to be discovered.

Rap To Beats (Free)

This app forgoes all of the automatic assistance and leaves only your own skills to do the work. This is the application you graduate up to after practicing with the others. The app comes with plenty of beats for you to spit your flow over, and as an added bonus you can even rap over the music you have stored on your phone.


Another really cool feature in this application is the notepad and rhyme dictionary that will help you find the right words to rhyme in your raps. This can help you improve your skills a great deal so when you share to Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter, you can let everyone know just how good you are.

Rap Wars (Free)

This application is absolutely packed with features, the coolest of which is the ability to battle with other rappers. Budding artists can also record their own music to have it rated by other members of the community. This also means you can rate other people’s rhymes, which gives the app a micro-community of sorts.


Like the rest of the apps, it comes with all the functions you need to record your songs including a database of free beats over which to bring your A-game.

Your Turn

You’ve had your time to train, now take to the comments and show me you can hang. Leave your best rap with what you think of these apps, are they good, or are they whack? Let your voice be heard, and leave us with your written word!

Image credit: Roscoe Considers Recording a Podcast (zoomar)

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