4 Things To Do Immediately When Your Facebook Account Is Hacked

facebook logo 300x300   4 Things To Do Immediately When Your Facebook Account Is HackedFor most people, having their Facebook account hacked is a nightmare. Imagine if someone had access to all your private messages, could contact your friends, abuse your Facebook page, and delete your personal information. To avoid this, you should regularly update your password and keep other security settings tight.

Once it’s too late, however, you must act fast. The most important thing is – don’t panic! You can regain access to your account.

How Do You Know Your Facebook Account Was Hacked?

First of all, how do you know your Facebook account was hacked if nothing obvious was changed…yet? If a hacker managed to get into your account, they will leave a trace. While their session is active, it will be listed under > Home (top right corner) > Account Settings > Security > Active Sessions (click edit). Here you can end the activity of suspicious sessions.

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More information about How To Check If Someone Else Is Accessing Your Facebook Account or How To Find Out If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked can be found in the respective articles.

It is recommended that you enable Login Approvals for logging in from unrecognized devices. For increased security, you should also set app passwords.

1a. Change Your Password

In case your password was not changed you got lucky! This is the time to update your password! Be sure to end any suspicious active sessions first (see above), then go to > Home > Account Settings > General and click > Password to confirm your current password and then enter a new password.

When you’re done, review our articles regarding Facebook security (see resources below) and see what other measures you can take to secure your account.

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From here, proceed to step 3 if you think that your account was abused.

1b. Reset Your Password

If your password was changed, act quick! Try to regain access. There is a > Forgot your password? link underneath the Facebook login.

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It will let you retrieve your password in several different ways. You can either enter the email address you registered to Facebook with or any other secondary email address you added, as well as your phone number and username.

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If you’re not sure whether the person that hacked your account was smart enough to change your profile information, you should go with the last option and enter your name and that of a friend. This will give you an idea of which information is currently added to your account.

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If you don’t have access to any of the email accounts or to the phone number associated with your account, click the > No longer have access to these? URL. This will take you to a page where you can enter a new email address, which Facebook will then use to assist you in recovering your account.

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This is not all. If you believe that your account was abused by the person who has access to it, proceed to step 2.

2. Report Compromised Account

If your account wasn’t simply hacked, but is sending out ads and spam to your friends, you must report it as compromised.

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From here, immediately proceed to step 2.

3. Do Damage Control

After doing everything you could to regain control over your hacked Facebook account, inform your friends about what is going on, just in case the hacker has abused or currently is abusing your account. If you presently can’t access your account, contact your Facebook friends through other social networks, by email, or have a mutual friend inform them via Facebook. Once you can log in again, proceed to step 3.

4. Remove Suspicious Applications

Oftentimes, it’s not an evil person that randomly hacked into your account. More likely than not you granted access to a malicious application which subsequently hijacked your account. To remove suspicious applications, go to > Home > Account Settings > Apps and go through the list. Click the > X next to any application you wish to remove or click > Edit to change what the app can do.

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Bonus: Improve Your Facebook Privacy and Security Settings

Once you’re back in control, review the following resources and close the security gaps in your Facebook account. Note that some of these articles are over a year old and hence the information may not be 100% accurate.

Was your Facebook account ever hacked and how did you regain access?

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TY, Tina. Bookmarked & shared!

Talar Bebejian

Also: Create a new account!


This would mean losing all those conversations and possibly some friends. Guess that’s only an option for extreme situations.



did you follow all the steps outlined above? If none of these worked, then I’m afraid I don’t have any more reliable suggestions.

The last resort would be to consult the Facebook Help and post your question there…repeatedly. It appears that people actually do scan and read questions posted there.


Hi, the easiest way is to go to your E-mail and click a link Facebook sent you when someone changed this password, it works in all situations even if they changed mail address and anything else, but just keep your inbox secure at high priority than anything else .


Great tip, thank you!



many on my web page have been hacked, we all are getting porn pictures, and now personal messages using many friends names. OMG this is sick. They are taking our Children, grand Childrens pictures and than changing them into porn… OMG, they also are using ME and friends pictures to,, as porn as well… I am so so so upset right now. Even personal messages are so so so bad,,,, Thank you for your assistance and help…. this is got to stop NOW !!!!



sounds like a very nasty situation. I hope you have reported abuse of your profile/s and received immediate help from Facebook. Would be great to hear your feedback whether this worked and how long it took until Facebook reacted. Best of luck!


This is the IP address that keeps hacking my Facebook page: Here is a link I found which shows the idiot is on a Black list. He’s on many sites sending out spam! http://whatismyipaddress.com/blacklist-check

James Bruce

It’s obviously going through a proxy, that isn’t his actual IP address. 

Naud van Dalen

This means hackers can just choose “No longer have access to these?” and then “Report Compromised Account” to hack your account in the first place. How does Facebook know that you are trying to get back your account or that someone is trying to hack your account?


Good point. I would hope that there is some kind of questionnaire or test for which only the real owner of the account knows the answers.


thank u so very much.. (:


thanks for the share . its really helpful for a facebook user .


Can i still get back my facebook hacked account if the hacker put a phone number inorder for me to log in?


There are several other ways to recover your account, for example through alternative email addresses or even by recognizing pictures of your friends. Did you try everything outlined in the post above?

Painting Fairfax VA

Recently, my facebook account was hacked and the worst is, a malware was detected and it locked my account. how could I retrieve my account back?


Did you try all of the steps outlined in the article?

If nothing worked to regain control over your account, feel free to post a question on MakeUseOf Answers and describe what you have tried and why it didn’t work.


For more input in this matter I recommend you ask for help/suggestions on this matter on MakeUseOf Answers, http://www.makeuseof.com/answers/


thank you for you assistance, your article was very helpful.

Karen Anne

My email was changed by the hacker! When It tells me to identify my email, it is not mine that is blanked out. Someone else has put their email onto my account and I can’t change it.. What do I do!! My emails have been compromised as well.



Try other ways of identify your account or report it as compromised. You are not the first person this has happened to and you will not be the last managing to get back their account. Good luck!

Karen Anne

I cannot log in to my facebook still. I seem to have even locked myself out. Whenever I attempt to change my email (through numerous hoops, although I believe someone is doing this to my account to change the email to theirs) it says, “Sorry, your account is temporarily unavailable. Please log in to http://www.facebook.com from a computer and follow the instructions given”


Kate Swid

Hey! I have the exact same problem! Im typing in new email adresses so they can send me a confirmating email so that Facebook would then assist me in recovering my account, but it does not send me ANY emails. In fact it tells me something went wrong and to try it another time. Its been 2 days…
Have you figured out your problem yet?

Kate Swid

Hey! I have the exact same problem! Im tying in a new email adress in order to retrieve my account that has been hacked but its not sending me any emails. Its telling me that “something went wrong and try it another time” Its been 2 days now.
How have you fixed your problem?



You can only remove email addresses if you can still log into your account. If that is no longer possible, you have to report your account as compromised (see above) and/or try other ways to identify yourself as the real owner (also see above).


My boyfriend is an engineer in a telecom industry here in maldives. and he claims he can retrieve my deleted facebook messages from facebook of december and january. Can he do that?
besides that, i just checked my active sessions and there were many many suspicious lo-gins from someplace else.



I’m not sure how your friend wants to restore the messages. Would be curious to hear!

If you see suspicious logins, be sure to double-check your alternative email addresses and change your password.


My Facebook’s been hacked & there’s some really embarrassing, personal stuff in my profile! What do I do? I really want my Facebook back. If I don’t do anything the hacker will read all my personal stuff.



if you have tried everything covered in the article above, check for comments below for potential ways to take. Not much else I can add right now. I will, however, write another article about this topic.