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imgur alternativeIt’s easy to forget the free image hosts are still a viable and useful service for many people online. Practically every IM and SMS client supports the sending of images. Email obviously does too. But still, social communities like Reddit make it mainstream to not include some native upload-and-attach feature. Out of that, Imgur was born. It is now the most popular hub for image uploads on the web.

Before Imgur Imgur Updates Platform To Help Image Uploads Go Viral [Updates] Imgur Updates Platform To Help Image Uploads Go Viral [Updates] Imgur is one of the more preferred methods of sharing photos online. The reason is its simplicity. Now, a new update to the way Imgur handles your images makes it all the more simple, and... Read More climbed to the status it’s at today, there were others like TinyPic and ImageShack. No matter how many are created and how popular any one of them manages to get, there is space for other image hosts. In this post, I’d like to share some recommended Imgur alternatives.


Postimage doesn’t offer any great name or fancy layout, but it does what it’s supposed to You’re able to upload multiple images all through a single prompt (by holding the CTRL key and clicking additional files) or upload by URL.

imgur image sharing

Postimage offers the ability to resize your images to several standard sizes and also seems to be okay with hosting NSFW content.

imgur image sharing


The page displayed after a successful upload will show thumbnails of all uploaded images and allows you to pop out a window that shows codes for each individual image (as the show codes link). Alternatively, you can get links and full BBcode or HTML for every image you’ve uploaded if you scroll further down the page.

imgur image sharing will also allow you to easily create an account that will allow you to keep a history of all of the files that you’ve uploaded.


UltraIMG put a lot into their design, but it doesn’t take away from the quality of their hosting capabilities at all.

imgur image sharing

UltraIMG supports uploading multiple images at once, local or remote, at a maximum size of 10 MB per file. Clicking the Upload Preferences button will allow you to configure URL shortening, mark your uploads as NSFW, privately upload, and dynamically resize your images (by width).

imgur image sharing

After a successful upload, you’re given a choice of short URLs 10 Short URL Services Face Off! 10 Short URL Services Face Off! Read More , direct links, HTML, or BBcodes for the files you’ve uploaded. Clicking on a thumbnail of an image you’ve uploaded will show its filename, size, and dimensions.

imgur image sharer

Further down the page, you’re provided with individual codes for the current image that you have selected.

UltraIMG also offers extensions for Chrome and Firefox, as well as a desktop uploader if you navigate to the Tools page.


FunkyIMG is a very simple image host that just plainly gets the job done. It also offers some interesting features not seen otherwise on this list.

imgur image sharer

FunkyIMG doesn’t support adding multiple images through a prompt, but rather by drag-and-drop from the desktop or within Windows Explorer. FunkyIMG supports dynamic resizing, information labels, and even the ability to add watermarks, although the watermarks are very low quality.

Rather than a true watermark, it simply stamps a piece of text on an area that you’re able to configure in the options.

imgur alternative

The upload completion page is very similar to imgChili’s, offering codes for each image you’ve uploaded. This includes thumbnails, hotlinks, and a direct image URL.

I won’t be one to argue against Imgur being the best service for uploading images, but I’m always one to stand up for offering alternatives to the web’s most popular applications and services. You’d never know what you may be missing out on otherwise.

Do you see any of these four Imgur alternatives as a respectable competitor? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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