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The pen-and-paper days are pretty much over. If you’re one of those people who still write your shopping lists out on notebook paper, you’re probably beaten in high multiples by those who are typing them out using their smartphones. Isn’t technology a wonderful thing?

Despite the change of times, Skwire, a wizard that I’ve included in previous articles, still sees the beauty in lightweight and niche PC applications that can assist you around the house. These underappreciated applications are some of my favorite and deserve the spotlight for the efforts put into them. With the release of Windows 8, the PC platform may looks like it’s becoming just a little more closed and exclusive, causing these sort of applications to go unrecognized. I won’t let it happen! Let’s check out some of these beautiful little applications by this independent developer.


Facebook is obviously one of the most effective and easy ways to keep track of birthdays, but Birthdays is a great application for those of you who want no part of social networks.

Simply double-click a month and add a birthday.


You’re also able to keep a set of universal notes.

Acknowledging a birthday has passed is as simple as checking the box beside each name. That, or you can delete the birthday entirely. It’s really up to you.

Birthdays isn’t loaded with features. It’s exactly what you’d expect and probably everything you really need.

Waste Not

Welcome to managing the contents of your fridge from the desktop! Now, if this isn’t too tedious of a job for you then I can completely see how this is helpful. It’s especially helpful if you’re a college kid, a roommate, or a coworker that shares a fridge with someone. You know how that goes.

Waste Not allows you to add food items, expiration dates, and owners to a list. You can even specify if an item is in the freezer or not. If you move an item from the fridge to the freezer, that modification can be performed at the option under the Edit menu. It’s very simple.

By default, three “Roomie” users are set up, but that can be changed under the Settings menu. Removing an item is as simple as right-clicking it in the list. You can even export your lists to a CSV file if you’re really that enthusiastic about your fridge.

Piggy Banks

Piggy Banks functions very similarly to Waste Not.

This application helps you visualize when you’ll be able to afford goodies that you’re saving up for on a per-day basis. Enter an item name, what it costs or a goal amount, how much you put towards it daily, and the amount you’re starting it off with. Piggy Banks then gives you your end date.

When you reach a goal’s end date, the medal icon will turn from silver to gold. It’s a very simple and very, very niche application. Now, can you meet your goals?

Ten Timer

Ten Timer is a way to track up to 50 timers (25 on each side) at once.

Under the Configure menu you can specify just how many timers you need. I can’t imagine why anyone on this planet would need more than 25 countup and 25 countdown timers, but that’s unfortunately your limit.

For each countup timer, you’re able to change the text and back color (for a bit of variation). For countdown timers, you can change these same settings, as well as pick a sound to play when the timer expires and an alternate way to notify you of expiration (by message box or tray balloon).

As you can imagine, it’s a good way to time the cooking of food or remembering when a TV show is about to start.

With smartphones and tablets, there are definitely alternative ways to achieve the effect that these four applications provide, but they are really worth acknowledging if you’re a desk person. It’s good to see that not everyone tries to reinvent the wheel and I hope that at least one of these has tickled one of your obscure fancies! Let me know what you think of these in the comments.

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