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how to embed twitter into your websiteIf you’ve ever wanted to post a Twitter tweet on your blog, you will know it can be tedious work. First you have to take a screenshot of the tweet, then you have to edit it and upload the image before you can embed it into your content.

Earlier this month, Robin Sloan – who works for Twitter – developed a hack for Twitter Media that potentially makes it much easier to embed Twitter updates into your website or blog. Blackbird Pie, as it’s called, allows users to submit the URLs of specific tweets so it can give you HTML code to embed onto your blog.

Whether this will be a feature added to Twitter in the future has yet to be seen, but the process is much simpler than the traditional copy & paste.

In this article, I will go over the 4 methods you can use to embed tweets onto your blog using Blackbird and its extensions and alternatives.

1. Bake A Tweet With Blackbird Pie

how to embed twitter into your website

Blackbird Pie can be found on the Twitter Media page. To generate an embeddable tweet, all you need to do is paste the URL of a single tweet in the box and click Bake it.


how to embed twitter into your website

Once you do this, a box appears showing you how the tweet will look on your site, as well as another box with the HTML code.

The page does indicate that the embed is not guaranteed to work on your blog platform or site because it is a newly developed feature. However, I have tested it on WordPress and it was successful. If you’re familiar with HTML/CSS, you could also tweak the code to get your tweet looking the way you want.

2. Try The Publitweet Blackbird Bookmarklet

An alternative to Blackbird Pie, Publitweet has developed a dynamic bookmarklet for embedding your tweets that they claim is easier to use than Twitter Media’s version.

put twitter in blog

To use the bookmarklet, simply go to this page and drag the link up to your bookmark bar.

put twitter in blog

Once the link is placed, navigate to the URL of the tweet you would like to copy. When you’re on the page, just click the bookmark link and a box will appear with your HTML code. All you have to do now is paste the code to your blog and your tweet will be embedded into your post.

Publitweet also has a script that allows you make your embedded tweets embeddable themselves so others can place them on their site. You can find the script here.

3. Install The WordPress Plugin

If you’re using WordPress and would like to use the embeddable tweet feature, Themergency has a Twitter Blackbird Pie WordPress plugin just for you. Just download the plugin and install it the way you would any other extension on WordPress and you’ll be generating embeddable tweets in no time.

[Note]: When using the plugin, your fonts and backgrounds from Twitter are kept intact, whereas methods previously mentioned may alter your text to match the rest of the font on your blog.

4. The Blackbird For Chrome Extension

put twitter in blog

If you’re more familiar with (or simply like to use) Google Chrome extensions over all else, there is one for Blackbird. You can find the extension on this page. Just click Install and you’re done.

This extension is very minimalist and is in the form of a little blackbird that sits up in your URL box that appears whenever you are on a single tweet’s URL page.

4 Easy Ways to Embed Twitter Tweets into Your Blog with Blackbird 6 blackbird for chrome2

When on such a page just click the bird and a drop-down box appears with your tweet and the HTML code, very similar to the original Twitter Blackbird Pie page.


What do you think of this new hack/feature? Are you going to be embedding tweets into your blog posts more often now? Should Twitter implement this into the site?

Leave your thoughts, ideas, concerns, and opinions below in the comments section!

Image Credit: *clairity*

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