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mobile phone reviewsAs development of mobile platforms and apps soars, it’s hard enough to keep track of Android news and iOS apps, but at least we’ve got you covered with our list of best Android-related websites 6 Android Websites You Should Check Out 6 Android Websites You Should Check Out Read More and iPhone app review sites The 7 Best iPhone Apps Review Websites The 7 Best iPhone Apps Review Websites Read More . As these new updates always get released in newer smartphones and tablets, all of which seem to promise to out-do even the more recent models, it’s also hard to keep track of all these portable devices.

There are a few mobile phone review sites which not only help you keep track of the latest news and devices, but also do a very thorough job of examining the pros and cons of each device so you know what to expect when you’ll acquire your new mobile phone. You may already know CNET and Engadget as gadget review providers, so in this list, we’ll see other, perhaps lesser-known but very complete sites that cover a great deal of mobile phones and tablets.

Mobile Tech Review

This YouTube channel offers more than 200 video reviews mostly of smartphones, but occasionally also laptops and tablets. Most reviews are about 10 minutes long or less, some running more than 20 minutes, such as this review on the Motorola Atrix 4G mobile phone.

Lisa, the host of the videos does a really good job at explaining features and going over hardware, design and software in a very soothing voice that makes the reviews more professional sounding and easy to enjoy these videos for the viewers as well.

Here is the latest smartphone review as of this writing, which covers the the new Nokia E7, a QWERTY keyboard version of the N8. You can also check out the website for text-based reviews.


The Digital Digest

The Digital Digest offers about 38 reviews as of this writing, and mainly covers tablets, but also has video reviews on cell phones, such as this demonstration of the Motorola Droid X.

The video reviews are fast-paced but also very thorough as most videos run close to 10 minutes long. Not only does Ed, the host of the videos explain features thoroughly, he also does it very eloquently, barely pausing because he does go through all pros and cons of the devices.

Since he mostly focuses on tablets, there are many reviews of devices from a variety of prices that he showcases so if you’re not interested in the iPad or are looking for smaller alternatives, you should definitely check out this channel.


A favorite channel of mine, PhoneDog has a variety of tablet, mobile phone, and unboxing videos (try 1,100+ videos) but what makes it stand out is the addition of reviews covering feature or messaging phones (for anyone that just wants a working phone without the extra data fees), as well as 101-type videos explaining what 4G is, and comparisons of similar phones, which they call “dogfights”.

What’s also cool is that the website contains mobile-related news and updates on the latest and upcoming phones, and it also constantly offers sweepstakes, where the prizes may be iPod Shuffles, smartphones or tablets.


With over 1,300 videos, PhoneArena has reviews of mostly smartphones and tablets, usually over 5 minutes long, but it has also many video reviews of phone accessories, as well as sample videos shot with the smartphones so viewers can appreciate the quality of the phones’ video-recording capabilities.

The website is also a blog with the latest mobile news but a distinguishing feature is the excellent phone finder tool, which has lots of very specific search fields, perhaps the most thorough ones I’ve seen.

Honorary mentions go to PhoneScoop, which offers short video tours on the latest and upcoming phones. All of these channels definitely give you detailed mobile phone reviews so you actually learn lots. Which sites are your favorite?

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