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mac firefox add onsIf you love your Mac and you love using Firefox, here’s some great news for you. There are a number of useful Firefox extensions designed especially with Mac users in mind. These add-ons fix some of the little annoyances and try to make your life as a Mac Firefox user just a little easier.

Some Firefox add-ons for Mac lovers are used to link your Firefox experience to native Mac OS X functions, while others are for imitating your Mac experience when you’re stuck using a non-Mac machine. Most of these you probably wouldn’t think to look for unless you realised they existed, so we’re sharing them with you today.

1. Mac OS X Dictionary Lookup

You may already know that it’s possible to highlight a word in any native Mac application and right-click to look the word up in the Mac Dictionary. You may have also noticed that Firefox doesn’t do this. But not to worry, there’s a number of great extensions that will let you have a right-click dictionary look-up from Firefox.

mac firefox add ons

Why would you want this? Well, if you’ve tricked out your Mac to use Wikipedia and all of your favourite languages Become A Cunning Linguist With Foreign Languages On Your Mac Become A Cunning Linguist With Foreign Languages On Your Mac Read More , it can be extremely useful to have easy access to those definitions directly from Firefox.

firefox addons mac


Bonus Tip: If you’re playing with multiple languages on your Mac, you might also like to read this post on Mac shortcuts for accents How To: Easy Keyboard Shortcuts For Accent Marks on Letters [Mac] How To: Easy Keyboard Shortcuts For Accent Marks on Letters [Mac] Read More , this post on Mac language management Macnifying OS X: Manage Foreign Languages On Your Mac Macnifying OS X: Manage Foreign Languages On Your Mac Read More and use this unofficial Google Translate Firefox add-on.

2. Mac Shortcuts On Windows/Unix

If you love your Mac but occasionally get stuck using a different OS (like perhaps at work), you can use this Mac Shortcuts add-on to bring to life a few of your favourite shortcuts. For instance, CMD+Q for Quit and CMD+, for Preferences. Obviously, the CMD button will change to CTRL and it only works within Firefox, but don’t let that stop you giving it a go.

firefox addons mac

3. Context Menu Keys For Mac

Here’s a little add-on which reveals the access key for your right-click context menu items. You can see the access key revealed in parentheses () in the screenshot.

firefox addons mac

Why would you use this? Well, it could be handy for access on occasion. Also, if you were to create an iMacro or do some GUI Applescripting involving Firefox, you could invoke CTRL-Click to access the context menu, followed by the access key from the context menu.

4. PDF Plug-in For Firefox

Does it annoy you when Preview opens your PDFs while browsing? If it does, try the PDF plug-in for Firefox on Mac. This nifty extension makes sure your PDFs open from within Firefox. This extension officially makes PDFs less annoying for Mac users.

mac firefox add ons

More Firefox Add-ons

If you need more to read, MakeUseOf has many more lists of excellent Firefox plug-ins you’ll probably like:

What are your favourite Firefox add-ons for Mac users? Let us know in the comments!

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