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ipad music appsOne of the appeals of the iPad and its other two mobile devices, is that it’s a tactile device, in which users get to touch, tap, swipe, pinch, and move items. Two categories of apps that take the most advantage of the larger screen canvas and touch technology are art and music programs.

I have previously reviewed a few art apps 3 Free Doodling Apps For The iPad 3 Free Doodling Apps For The iPad Read More for the iPad. In this review I would like to share a handful of free iPad music apps that can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike.

I have to admit up front that I have no experience with playing a musical instrument, but nearly all of these apps I share can be used and learned by anyone with little or no music background.

Shiny Drum (iTunes Store Link)

Out of the five iPad music apps under review, I would say – for me at least – that Shiny Drum is one of the easiest to use. Even if you’re all thumbs when it comes to playing an instrument you’ll probably be able to tap out a rhythmic beat with this app.

Shiny Drum includes over a dozen electronic percussion sounds (“patches”) that you select from to tap beats with your fingers.


Shiny Drum is an ad-supported app, and unfortunately the changing ads sit in the upper middle of the app and can be a little obtrusive. However, the generous collections of patches make this a great free app. A pro version might include a way to record and save beats.

ipad music apps

Beatwave (iTunes Store Link)

Beatwave is another app that requires no music ability. It’s a visual kaleidoscopic of beats and other techno sounds in which you move your fingers over a moving grid to create a musical pattern. You actually don’t have full control of the music produced, but you can save the patterns you create and change the tempo, sounds and tones.

The fun of this iPad music app is simply experimenting with creating various patterns and seeing how you can use the other controls to create something pleasant to listen to.

ipad music apps

Soundrop Free (iTunes Store Link)

Similar to Beatwave, Soundrop is another tactile app that creates xylophone-like tapping sounds based on how you to draw lines that . As with Beatwave, the fun of this app is experimenting with the various creations you make based how you draw the handles and add to them.

You can actually the change the tempo and speed of the sounds based on how large or small you draw the lines. And you might not notice when first using the “instrument” that you can move the source of the digital points to anywhere on the canvas. It does not have to remain in the default position.

making music on ipad

Virtuoso (iTunes Store Link)

For those with piano skills, Virtuoso contains two digital pianos that seems to require two hands to play. I don’t have piano skills, but because the app includes labels for the keys, which can be turned off, this might be a useful app for those wanting to learn chords and practice using them.

making music on ipad

Nearly anyone can have fun with these iPad music apps, and because they are free there’s little reason to not download them and give them a try.

Let us know about free music creation apps, that you have fun with on your iPad.

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