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hootsuiteA while back, I wrote about this new web-based Twitter client called HootSuite. They were doing some cool things that really got me back into Twitter. There was also an article about whether desktop Twitter clients were better than web-based Twitter clients Twitter Clients - Web Apps or Desktops Apps? Which is Better? Twitter Clients - Web Apps or Desktops Apps? Which is Better? Read More and HootSuite really sealed the deal for web-based Twitter clients in my book.

Well, HootSuite‘s at it again!  Who knew what kind of changes they had up there proverbial sleeves this time? The word is out and the gig is up because the news about their HTML 5 interface has hit the street. What’s the big deal? Now that they are using HTML 5, the new features will most definitely turn your head. Let’s go through the 4 new features that got my attention and will probably do the same for you.

1. HootSuite now has themes

Who doesn’t like customization? Well, sometimes my lazy side hinders me from getting off my backside to customize something but even I would customize something if it were easy enough. Well, HootSuite makes changing the color theme so simple that even I gave ‘er a whirl. Sure, there’s only three choices now, but who knows, maybe the future will bring us a HootSuite where we can choose our own colors.


2. “Baked in” Google Analytics to keep an eye on those trends

A few months ago, I sat through a free webinar that HootSuite organized and one of their announcements was about Google Analytics integration. As it turns out, I missed a few minutes of the training and the whole Google Analytics thing was kind of cryptic to me. Now, it seems that the “baked in” nature of it all seems like it has made the integration a whole lot simpler. All I really had to do was click a button to connect HootSuite to my Google Analytics account, approve the interaction…



…and viola! Now I can analyze clicks made on links tweeted and even view my own website analytics from within HootSuite.


HootSuite did have Twitter analytics before but the new part is how well integrate Google Analytics is.

3. GeoSearch for tweets in your area

Have you ever wondered who’s tweeting in your area? Now Hootsuite can know your location (if you let it) and it will let you search the tweets in your locale. Basically, type a search word into the search box in the upper right hand corner of the site.  Now if you hit “enter” it will run the search Twitter-wide.  If instead you choose to search tweets near you, just click on the circular-shaped “Geo” icon in the right side of the box.

hootsuite app for windows

Then you can scroll through the results:

hootsuite app for windows

The first time you run a “Geo” search, HootSuite will ask permission to use your location. Knowing that it is only a general location, permission granted.

4. New and improved retweeting

Now not only is retweeting in HootSuite integrated with Twitters retweeting tool, but you can also set up stream in order to follow retweets to you, by you and by your followers. Let me explain.

Retweeting in HootSuite used to be that it would add the old school “RT” before the message being retweeted.  Even while Twitter moved into a new way of doing it, HootSuite still got things done old school. Now retweeting in HootSuite is actually utilizing Twitter’s retweeting tool.

hootsuite app for windows

My only beef is that I haven’t figured out how to add my “two cents worth” at the end of the new retweets. Hey, HootSuite, am I missing something?

You can also keep an eye on the retweeting action by following retweets sent to you, by you and your followers.  All I did in order to do this was added a tab and added the three columns containing the retweeting streams.

4 New Features of HootSuite That Will Make Your Head Turn hootsuite followretweets

HootSuite has also improved overall and has added a few more features I have not mentioned. I am impressed with the better response time of the site in general brought on by the HTML 5 enhancement. If you haven’t tried HootSuite in a while, giver another try. Maybe some of the new implementations will change your mind.

Two questions for the comments: What’s your favorite HootSuite enhancement?  And do you think the changes will bring people to begin using HootSuite?

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