4 Facebook Alternatives For Couples & Families

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family alternative to facebookI¬†loathe Facebook. Actually, I loathe what Facebook has become. No longer is it a useful tool for connecting with others. Instead, it’s polluted with obnoxious macro images and tacky quotes followed by comments that typically say “so true”.¬†Admittedly, I keep certain individuals on my Facebook friend list for the same exact reason that I stop and say hello to acquaintances at the grocery store: to be polite. Unfortunately, their virtual shopping carts often get in the way of the¬†people who I actually want to stay close to.

For instance, there’s my girlfriend, and we share humorous videos with each other on nearly constant basis. Then there are my parents. Naturally, I have a few cousins here and there, and I even have a few great-uncles and great-aunts. If I could get rid of the fluff and stay connected¬†only¬†with them, that would be a-okay. After a bit of research, I discovered that a few family alternative to Facebook exist. Read on for the benefit of your social media experience.


family alternative to facebook

Couple is something that’s a bit more in line for those of you who have a romantic partner. Besides its incorporation of a few groan-inducing mushy features, it’s actually¬†very¬†useful. Packaged in the form of a mobile app, Couple allows you to share photos with your SO, schedule dates on a shared calendar, and even create lists and memos.

Regarding the mush, it has the ability to let you and your lover share a “ThumbKiss” – that is, you press your thumb against your phone’s screen, and a thumbprint will appear in a relative location on your partner’s device. The idea is to have you both press your thumbs on the same part of the phone, allowing for a rather technologically tender moment.

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alternative to facebook

Path expands into life beyond your relationship and into the area of close friends (however, you could likely use it as a couple). Once again, this comes in the form of a mobile app, and it allows for a more streamlined social experience. For comparison, imagine Facebook as if it’s your local favorite restaurant and Path as if it’s the corner coffee shop.

Both serve food and drinks, but the as you can tell, the respective crowds are quite different. Path allows for nearly the same exact functions as Facebook, but it’s free from distractions. As described by its developers, it’s a personal journal – a path for your life.

Family HQ

alternative to facebook

Moving on into the world of¬†family¬†(something that we all occasionally know and love), there’s Family HQ. Developed for only your closest loved ones, Family HQ openly focuses on the concept of “narrowcasting”. In short, narrowcasting is the complete and total opposite of broadcasting.

With broadcasting, you send out information to a large group with the idea that your message will be picked up by those who want to listen. On the other hand, with narrowcasting, you send out information to a small group with the idea that your message is important to each member. It’s simple stuff, really. With hefty privacy policies and a focus on your own virtual castle, Family HQ could be a great way to stay connected on a more personal level.


family alternative to facebook

Rootsy – bearing a clever name, mind you – stretches the limits of social networking by incorporating family trees and various elements of internal record-keeping. Rather than just keeping you connected to the surviving members of your clan, the website keeps you connected, well, to your roots.

The service is still a social network through and through, but instead of one, giant web, it’s comprised of several mini-networks for individual families. Furthermore, it pushes forward the whole idea of tracking your family history, offering areas to add important images and family stories.


So there you have it, folks. It is very possible to get past the clutter and connect with the ones that matter most. It may just take a bit of initiative on your part and the willingness of others. Think of it as a pioneering type of movement Рto venture beyond the world of Facebook! Besides, it gives you an excuse to get rid of hacked accounts and cluttered walls. You may even decide to permanently delete your account.

Even still, Facebook could easily incorporate some of these sites’ features. Perhaps a separate feed or an option to hide everyone that isn’t related to you at the click of a button. We’ll just have to see.

What do you think? Do you believe these are good family alternative to Facebook to stay connected with those who are closest to you? What other services do you use?

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Nevzat A

“No longer is it a useful tool for connecting with others. Instead, it‚Äôs polluted with obnoxious macro images and tacky quotes followed by comments that typically say ‚Äúso true‚ÄĚ.” +10000. Just my thoughts.

Robert Scoble

That’s because you friended people who post stuff like that. Tell them to knock it off or you’ll unfriend them. What makes you think that won’t happen when those same people get to, say, Path?

Nevzat A

Not only friends do that, our relatives, even the ones we love and care about do the same. My wife, kids everyone seems to like sharing such things. It’s inevitable. You’re right, if they migrate to another social platform they’ll do the same :)

Nevzat A

Are you the real Robert Scoble? I haven’t seen you on MUO before, sir. Nice to contact :)

Joshua Lockhart

You can say that for Path, but at least look at the other three. They are a bit different.


Scott M

I tend to use it only for passing on info from sites such as this or news from my reader.Personal matters are discussed in person,face to face,by phone or through Email.I really distrust putting anything personal on social sites.


Visweshwaran S

i know pictures worth a thousand words.. but never did anyone say, forget words.. Well thats what it seems to be happening.. Feeds have turned into a giant bowl of spam


Anthony Baptiste

Couple seems pretty cool. Especially for long distance relationships. That one has stood out the most to me on this list



If you could pick and choose who you allow to join the social networking sites, there might be a chance for the sites you mention. However, since the companies that run these sites constantly want more and more members, sooner or later ALL social networking sites are reduced to their lowest common denominator of tittering teenies and low brow humor. Face it, the social sites are the only places where twits can post their idiotic behavior “anonymously”.


Daniel Escasa

For comparison, imagine Facebook as if it’s your local favorite restaurant and Path as if it’s the corner coffee shop.

No, it’s hardly my local favorite restaurant. I think of it as a food court, where all the fast food providers have booths. See, in our subdivision, local restaurants are mostly intimate, with less than 20 tables, and may resemble the “corner coffee shop”. Even in the central business districts of the surrounding cities, restaurants are mostly intimate, although you can find 100-table restaurants as well

Joshua Lockhart

I think I may have just said that in my relative terms. : )

In my hometown, we typically go to chain restaurants where many people are also eating, but it’s not necessarily fast food (O’Charley’s, Logan’s Roadhouse). I see exactly what you are saying though. Then again, we also have the 20-table restaurants floating around.



Here is a list of social networking sites for privacy, alternatives to facebook http://facebookalternative.com/


Caroline Zeiger

When I was looking for great Facebook alternatives, I’ve found the Nerofix community (http://nerofix.com) and recommend you to have a look. Registration is free, there will be no advertisement and you are able to delete your account completely again whenever you want.


Chris Janson

We just started a site called Face-It-Book which is for witty people aged 21 or over, it’s completely free to use, no paying to ‘promote’ your page, no data abuse, no personal privacy abuse and definitely no “can we raid your email contacts list please” nonsense.

I’m not sure if a link will work in here, but if it does, great, if not feel free to Google face-it-book.com but you have to put the dashes and the .com in or else you get Facebook.

We link to them if you are so addicted you can’t give them up with a one click link tab at the side that will take you straight to them, but we’re having none of their “like” button as we have disabled the buggers from doing that!


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