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If you’re a Chrome user, you don’t need to leave the web page you’re on for regular tasks like sending emails via Gmail. You can take care of them in a couple of clicks with some handy extensions from Google.

1. Share pages quickly with Send from Gmail (by Google). Click on its toolbar button when you’re on a web page and a Compose window pops up with the title of the page in the subject line and its link in the body of the email. Of course, you’re free to edit the subject and the body, which means the extension makes for an easy way to send any email.


2. Capture web pages with Save to Google Drive. With this one, you get to save screenshots of web pages to Google Drive with a single click of the extension’s toolbar button. You can also save any link on a page to Google Drive via the link’s right-click menu.

3. Manage and create events with Google Calendar (by Google). Once you authorize it to access Google Calendar, you can click on the extension’s toolbar button anytime and from any web page to view your upcoming events in a popup.

If you come across an event on a web page, you’ll even be able to add it to your calendar on the fly via the toolbar popup.


4. Manage bookmarks with Bookmark Manager. Google’s visual approach to bookmarks Google Chrome's New Bookmark Manager Focuses On Organization And Search Google Chrome's New Bookmark Manager Focuses On Organization And Search Read More wasn’t too well received and died a quick death. But the extension that went with it continues to chug along, with a few rough edges here and there. It makes saving, organizing, searching, and sharing bookmarks so much simpler (and prettier!).

Now tell us, do you usually prefer official apps over third-party ones, especially if they come from a popular company?

Image Credit: Time Saver on a Blackboard by shutteratakan via Shutterstock

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