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ipad scrapbook appTaking digital photos can be lots of fun, but you don’t need to limit yourself to simply sharing them on Facebook or on your iDevices. You and your kids can have fun creating scrapbook pages, collages and journal entries using existing photos on your iPad or one’s you take with your device’s built-in camera.

Plus, the advantages of scrapbooking on the iPad, using the following apps, is you don’t destroy your original photos and you don’t waste paper and other materials. It can all be done on your device and easily shared with others.


ScrapPad is a collection of scrapbook layout apps for the iPad that feature templates, design elements and backgrounds for various holiday occasions, including Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc.

ipad scrapbook app

Each themed app includes an assortment of elements and backgrounds that you simply select and tap to add to the pages of your scrapbook. You can add photos from your Photo Library or by taking photos with the built-in camera.

ipad scrapbooking software


Scrapbook pages can of course be saved and exported via email, AirPrint, and Facebook. And you can create as many different books as you like.

ipad scrapbooking software

ScrapPads are free ad-supported apps, but you can upgrade to the premium version which provide more design elements, borders, layer features, and no ads. These apps are well worth trying out, especially if you don’t have the time or skills to do more advance scrapbooking.


For the old school, retro photo layouts, PicCollage is a fun and easy way to throw together a bunch of related photos and produce collages worthy of iPad backgrounds or matted prints.

ipad scrapbooking software

(Note: ScrapPad points out that in order to select multiple photos from the Camera Roll or other albums in your Photo Library, launch the Settings apps on your iPad, select Location Services, and scroll down to PicCollage to make sure the service is enabled. Relaunch PicCollage and you will be able to select multiple photos.

best ipad scrapbook

As you add photos to your collage, you can easily resize, rotate, tap-and-hold to move a photo behind other photos, and double-tap a photo to edit, crop, and delete the boarder. You can save collages and post them on Facebook and Twitter, or even have them mailed as postcards.

best ipad scrapbook


Pictify is another free ad-supported app similar to PicCollage, but it does its magic on a single photo. To get started, you tap and hold to bring up the pop-up menu for adding (“Change Photo”) a new photo, which will replace the default one. Or you can shoot a new photo with your device’s camera.

best ipad scrapbook

Building the collage is a little tricky. It doesn’t break up the photo for you. You need to tap the + button at the bottom of the app and start creatively arranging pieces of the single image to build your collage. You keep tapping the + button to add each frame/piece to your college. You can tap and hold on a frame to delete it. So yes, you have to use some of your own creative skills to experiment and try out different layouts.

Pictify 3

The app also includes 9 different backgrounds to choose from. Those can be found in the pop-up menu as well. Sharing collages is limited to Twitter, Facebook, your Photo Album, and email. PicCollage is also a great app for kids, but there doesn’t appear to be an ad-free version.

Frame Artist with Templates

Darinsoft’s Frame Artist offers modern type layout features and templates for combining photos and other design elements. The free version contains templates for calendars, invitation cards, magazine style and photo story layouts.

Frame artist 1

You simply tap the green + button to photos from your Photo Library into a template.

You tap to customize the frame, font, and stickers for various pages, or delete unwanted elements all together. You can also apply photo filters. Your custom templates can be saved for re-use.

Frame artist 8

Designs can be shared to all the main social networking sites, as well as Picasa and SMS.

ipad scrapbook app

All these apps are easy to use, and require as much time as you are willing to give to producing creative layouts.

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