4 DIY & Handy Subreddits Worth Checking Out

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diy subredditConfession time, real quick. I’m not a manly man… I mean, I understand the whole nonsense about gender stereotypes and such, but I want you to think real hard and just bear with me for moment. Consider someone like Burt Reynolds or even maybe Jason Statham. Those are manly men, right? You can just tell. This is what I mean by “manly men”, and I am definitely not one of them.

As you may know, these “manly men” tend to take charge and do projects themselves. They even sometimes have classy shortcuts for getting through life (something maybe as simple as taking a picture of their coat check receipt with their phone in case it gets lost at a fine restaurant). Unfortunately, I lack these skills. However, one day, I found Reddit, and it gave me hope that maybe some day I could acquire them!

Below, we have four subreddits that have everything to do with DIY and suave tips for life, and you really should start reading about them right now.


diy subreddit

Are you looking for a few more do-it-yourself projects to take on? Also, are you interested in seeing what other DIY-ers are trying out? Reddit’s r/DIY is a fantastic place to view, learn, and discuss these types of projects. As a note, you should be aware that a lot of these projects are incredibly unique, creative and interesting.

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After browsing just today, I learned how to make a keg out of a watermelon, and I also saw how a guy and his grandfather created a wall clock out of a desktop’s motherboard. These are the types of projects that hit r/DIY daily, so if you are interested, you should give it a shot.


do it yourself subreddit

Reddit’s r/LifeProTips is a subreddit that is all about handling day-to-day mini-obstacles that happen in life. Furthermore, it also gives you some ideas on how to bypass some of the more complicated parts of living. For instance, one of the topics I saw today was on how to get away with sleeping two hours a night (nope – not kidding.) In addition to that, there was a nice little tip on how to keep salespersons in department stores from hassling you – just wear headphones while walking around.

These tips are pretty interesting, and personally, I’ll probably be spending more time here.


do it yourself subreddit

Have you ever just wondered how people do things? I know that’s a very broad and nearly silly question. However, I believe we can all answer it with an enthusiastic “yes!” Reddit’s r/HowTo is home to many videos (and a few self posts) that offer how-to advice on activities that range from drawing the human body all the way to how to open a can without using a can opener. This subreddit is a useful tool when just wanting to learn how to do new things.


diy subreddit

I can’t count how many times I’ve broken something and not known how to fix it. Furthermore, it always seems to be something that everybody knows how to fix except me, and it’s just a little too embarrassing to ask anyone. Reddit’s r/FixIt is devoted to helping you with simple repair tasks that include how to fix a refrigerator, how to fix 3D glasses, and even how to fix a clogged pipe.

This subreddit is done a little differently in that users will often ask how to do something and commenters will come to the rescue.  However, I feel as though this is a site worth keeping bookmarked.


These subreddits are surefire ways to help you with your knowledge for real-world challenges and projects. However, that’s not all of them.

What other subreddits do you know of that can help you with similar challenges or projects? How have these subreddits helped you?

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Mani Ahmed

interesting compilation … though coming from a labor rich country, we have the benifit of getting a lot of these things very cheap and in return being cheap labor for the others at things we are good at … none the less this is a good tool website to get help!


Joel Lee

Wow. /r/HowTo and /r/FixIt are the type of subreddits I was looking for a while back. Thanks! Now I can find ways to get my hands dirty.


Roman Vávra

Many thanks! :)



Burt Reynolds? How do real men treat women? There’s a difference between being a just man and just being a male.


Edward Bellair

More sites to check out. Thank you.

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