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lord of ultima tipsRecently, it has come to my attention that a certain massively multiplayer real time strategy game (or MMORTS) has taken up a very large part of my downtime. This game is known as Lord of Ultima. It takes everything that is fun about text-based browser games and adds visuals and more depth to the game play. Anyone who has interest in strategy games should check it out, as it is a great game that makes a fantastic way to kill a lot of downtime at work. On top of that, it’s free, and well received here on MakeUseOf Waste Time For Free : The 8 Free Online Games from EA Waste Time For Free : The 8 Free Online Games from EA Whilst I'm perfectly happy to pay a subscription to Xbox Live and buy full-priced titles, it's difficult to resist a decent freebie. EA, amongst others, have cottoned on to this and provided a whole range... Read More .

However, the game is complicated. There is a lot to it, and I cannot tell you how many players I have seen completely whipped off the map because they didn’t think before they acted. It is easy to get over-excited and just want to jump in feet first, but this game is a marathon, not a sprint. You need to take everything slow and steady. Fear not, brave new soldier, armed with these tips, I will make sure you are ready to take on the world of Lord of Ultima.

Join A Good Alliance

This is crucial. As soon as you get to the part of the game where you are going to war, an alliance will help you in so many ways. Do not join just any alliance though – look around and find an organized alliance with leadership and a plan in place.

lord of ultima tips

Not only will an alliance be able to lend support if you come under duress, but they will also be able to offer tips to help with developing your empire. The higher-level members of the alliance will have previously been in the position of a newer player, and they will be happy to offer you some tricks of the trade to speed up your advancement.

lord of ultima tips and tricks


Being in an alliance will also make the game more fun once you are ready to start fighting because it will give you people to attack and a reason to attack them. The larger alliances are always at war with someone, and it is very satisfying to be able to take part in large battles.

Do Not Build A Castle Too Soon

This is the single most important tip that anyone can possibly give you while playing Lord of Ultima. Building your castle is what allows you to attack other players, but it also allows you to be attacked. I understand you want to get involved in the actual wars and battles, but if you castle before you have proper defenses in order, I can guarantee that you will be destroyed, and you will have to start over from square one. Either way, you can have your resources taken, whether you have a castle or not, so playing good defense is always wise.

lord of ultima tips and tricks

It takes commitment; you are going to have to play for a long time, maybe more than a month. You should not castle any sooner than your third city. You will need to have at least ten thousand soldiers available for defense, and you really should make sure you are in a strong alliance that can lend support. It might seem crazy to play a game for over a month without engaging in combat, but I can promise one thing; if you castle a city too soon, starting over and doing it the right way a second time will take even longer.

Use A City Planner

Before you jump in and start building a city, take the time to use a city planner. You are only allowed a limited number of buildings, so you need make them count. A city planner allows you to accomplish this. With the city planner, you will know exactly how you are going to lay out your city before you even start.

lord of ultima tips and tricks

Efficiency is paramount in this game, and having a good plan for your city will help a lot. In addition, if you are in an alliance you can ask one of the more experienced players to look at your plan and give you some tips and make some improvements. Overall, they are an incredibly valuable resource.

Check Out Some Lord Of Ultima Websites

ultima tips

Lord Of Ultima Wiki

This is a great resource with almost every piece of information on the game imaginable. They offer everything from the history of the game to recruitment time for units. They also have many useful tips and tricks to help get your city off the ground.

ultima tips

Lord Of Ultima Strategy

This is a fantastic Lord of Ultima site. They have a wealth of information for new players, and players who have been around for a while. Read their articles and become much more informed on how to play this massive game.

lord of ultima tips

Lord Of Ultima Forums

The Lord of Ultima forums are a great place to interact with other players and learn what they do to improve. You can also use the forums to help find a solid alliance.


If you are just getting into Lord of Ultima, these tips will help you get your empire off the ground. Let me say this one more time; do not castle too soon. I cannot say that enough. Another last-minute tip is to have fun! This is a game, and the most important part of any game is to have lots of fun and enjoy!

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