4 Cool Features That Make Opera A Browser Worth Checking Out

opera   4 Cool Features That Make Opera A Browser Worth Checking OutIt was only months ago that I finally made the transition from Firefox to Chrome, but it’s a decision I’m pleased with making. While I do feel like Google Chrome is the best browser out there for the average internet user, Opera will always be my favorite “dark horse” in the category.

Though it’s probably known best for it’s presence in the mobile space, Opera’s desktop browser has always had a good feel to it. It’s very fast, responsive, renders well, and is packed with so many features that other browsers carelessly overlook and don’t seem to consider. Let’s appreciate Opera in this post and check out a few of those features.

Speed Dial

While Opera is certainly not the only browser out that supports this feature anymore, it was easily one of the first.

operafeat1   4 Cool Features That Make Opera A Browser Worth Checking Out

Opera’s Speed Dial page is very configurable, allowing you to change the number of columns on the page, the zoom level, and you can even set a custom background image to the page to give it more of a unique feel.

operafeat2   4 Cool Features That Make Opera A Browser Worth Checking Out

As you can see in the screenshot above, I’ve played with those settings a bit. Speed Dial is, in my opinion, the most sensible homepage available (in any browser). Opera has had years and years of experience with it, and they do it right.

Tab Arrangements & Placements

This may be one of the most underrated features available in any browser. As an unfortunate single-monitor user, I don’t get that great benefit of being able to do two things at once (in two different windows) very often. With Opera, I can.

operafeat3   4 Cool Features That Make Opera A Browser Worth Checking Out

Right-clicking the title bar and hovering over the Arrange menu will expand several different ways that you can arrange your open tabs. The cleanest and most convenient way is to tile them vertically (as resolutions are wider than they are tall).

operafeat4   4 Cool Features That Make Opera A Browser Worth Checking Out

You can surely imagine how this can be useful. Maybe you’re interested in watching a long video on YouTube while doing work in another window. Tile the windows, play the video, and do your work in the opposite window. This is so much more efficient than bringing up two copies of a single browser.

operafeat5   4 Cool Features That Make Opera A Browser Worth Checking Out

Opera also offers the ability to change the placement of your tab bar entirely. Top, bottom, left, or right are all fair game, and docking tabs to the left or right side will display your tabs in a more interesting thumbnail view.

Stacking Tabs

For the longest time, I had searched through add-ons and extensions for Firefox and Chrome to find something like this, but I failed. Does it exist? Possibly. But, it comes with Opera right out of the box. Stacking tabs is a way to basically assign a parent tab to additional tabs.

operafeat6   4 Cool Features That Make Opera A Browser Worth Checking Out

Above, you can see the MakeUseOf tabs are stacked. The main tab is the leftmost, while those after it can be stacked and then unstacked again.

operafeat7   4 Cool Features That Make Opera A Browser Worth Checking Out

How is this useful? It’s a great space-saver and synergizes very well with websites that may require you to have several different tabs open (such as Reddit). Assigning these tabs to a single stack will allow you to navigate and enjoy the website as normal without sacrificing a whole heap of real estate in the tab bar. Being able to stack tabs is something that I’d call a “quality of life” feature, and it’s something that has saved me headaches in the past.

Opera Turbo

Again, the only way to really describe a feature like this is to call it underrated. Opera Turbo is a very niche feature that is going to help such a small minority of users, but to those of who make some use it could see it as the deciding factor between Opera and another browser.

operafeat8   4 Cool Features That Make Opera A Browser Worth Checking Out

To dumb the process down a bit, Opera Turbo simply lowers the quality of images on every website. If you don’t think this change is noticeable, try using a shoddy satellite or DSL connection. I’ve had to do it before, and it is. Right-clicking on an image will allow you to reload it in full quality if you desire. You can set Opera Turbo as on, off, or to detect when it needs to be used.

I wouldn’t call any of these features groundbreaking or exceptional. While some stand out more than others, they are quite simple. Nonetheless, it’s good to see Opera thinking outside of the box to provide users with features you won’t find somewhere else. What’s your favorite Opera feature? Let me know in the comments!

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Chris Marcoe

I’ve just split my time between Firefox (at home, regular browsing) and Ice Dragon (At school browsing) Not sure I am ready to add Opera into the mix.

A question, though. How secure is it? And how are the addons/extensions?

Chris Marcoe

These are the reasons I started looking into Ice Dragon. However, I don’t see it on that list. I feel I can really lock down Ice Dragon, what with private browsing (which others have) and sandbox browsing (which I don’t know if the others have, and isn’t listed on that review)

that is a great link, BTW. Thank you.


There’s usually a lot less need for extensions and addons for Opera then there are for Firefox, a lot of the useful Firefox extensions started as standard features in Opera.

Prasil Koirala

Certainly, one of the best web browser. Makes it ease to sync bookmarks between a desktop PC and a mobile pc. But I don’t use it anymore. Reasons include the tabs. Both selected and other tabs have similar color combination which makes it quite difficult to see what tab am I currenly on. And the most frustating problem with tabs is that i have to click it right in the centre of tab to select (unlike chrome/firefox where i could click anywhere at the top of the browser tab to select it). I have already sent them a suggestion to fix it. Hope they will do it as soon as possible.


Wow dude, you have just read my mind. I find it soo annoying that you have to click right at the centre of the tab. Opening a new tab is even harder as you have to target your mouse right at the plus button! I wish they would make these subtle changes. Removing the thinking process from these will make a lot of users happy!


Opera’s best feature IMO is mouse gestures. Scroll back, forward, change tab, new tabs has never been easier than in Opera, and for ages now. For example, for those who want to open a new tab, hold the right mouse button down and pull the mouse downwards (towards yourself). See documentation for details. Opera is real fun.


And also, there are other ways: Double click on the empty area right to the opened tabs, middle click on the empty area right to the opened tabs (if you middle click on the opened tab, it closes the tab), CTRL+T…
In case of selecting tabs – I have never encountered any problem you described. Switching between tabs is also possible with mouse – just hold right button anywhere on the page and roll wheel..
In case of colour combination of tabs – it can be altered by different theme.


QUOTE: Switching between tabs is also possible with mouse – just hold right button anywhere on the page and roll wheel..

That’s awesome, I didn’t know that. New trick up my sleeve. Thanks ever so much for that…


Open opera:config and set Chrome Integration Drag Area Maximized to 0.


Middle mouse button. Works on every browser. Just go on top and press middle mouse button


and it works for closing tabs too


Tab colours can be changed, and while it isn’t a biggie for me I can see how it may be for others. Stacking tabs is awesome, and being able to remove a single tab out of the stack is mega awesome.

Best thing for me though is that I have wrist damage and using a mouse continuously gives me a lot of pain. On a LOT of sites I can go from link to link just by pressing the space bar. In a NUTSHELL, that is what makes it the best browser for me.

Junil Maharjan

opera is a great browser which i can’t deny but i’m really happy with firefox and occassional chrome.

Vishal Ram

yeahhh man same with be opera was once best for mobile browser but for PC it sucks


Oh really? Why? It’s fast, customisable and has features that other browsers don’t (as yet). So come on, tell us why YOU think it sucks.

Aleksandar Jovanovic

Oh yes,Opera.
2.Pale Moon


I have been using opera on my first cellphone a Nokia 5530 running symbian and it was then the fastest for mobile websites. Now using it on android and win7. Very fast indeed and stable. Try it.

Boogeyman Tycho

Speaking about speed dial, I love holdoor.com more than speed-dial feature since it is cross-browser


I like the side panel – to get a lot of different information without having to change tab/window

EdmarJohn SanDiego

most of the features of opera are just addons on firefox

Nevzat A

Opera is still classy, it’s shining as a browser!


just installed it, everything from firefox automatically imported without permission, uninstalled the piece of junk.


You sure it wasn’t part of the installation process? For future reference, there’s an Options button easily found in the installer. You probably ignored it and left those options enabled.


It imports the bookmarks from the default browser in your system for convenience. Sorry if you didn’t like it, but you can aways delete them from it.


Given the other 2 replies, maybe you should try installing it again and giving it a fair go.

Trebor Walters

I have used Opera off and on since they were “the smallest browser” on the internet. Once upon a time it was my default. Firefox is default now, Opera second choice of browsers. My biggest complaint is how Opera automatically sets itself as the default during initial installation. Should offer the choice, like firefox.


“Should offer the choice, like firefox.”

Or IE? :)


FWIW: When installing, before clicking on “accept and install,” if you click on Options you will be able to uncheck the box which sets Opera as default.

Scott M

I use Chrome,firefox nightly and a bare bones Iron browser when I just want speed.I think Opera would be a nice compromise for many people who just wish to use one browser..


Opera is an awesome browser and has been for years. Hasn’t caught on like it should because the average fool just uses what comes with their computer and that is IE.

Firefox is my favorite but Opera is a close second and I use it on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s miles better than the hog Chrome.

Unfortunately this post on Opera is a little late. Opera just announced they will be switching from the Presto engine to Webkit, the same engine that Chrome uses. The Opera you see now will no longer exist. Nobody knows yet what will change but it will change big time. We will just have to wait and see how it turns out but it will be different and I seriously doubt it will be better than it is now.


It is just a rendering engine, so I think, most of the things will stay as they are now… I think, average user find only small differences directly in the way how pages are displayed (and maybe loading speed).


I hope you’re right but I don’t think so. Opera for phones changed engines to and the UI is very different now. No reason for me to think they won’t screw up the UI of Opera desktop when they switch engines.


I like the speed dial feature. keeps all the sites I normally visit in plain view.
a good feature would be the option to keep opera in the system tray. slim browser does that but doesn’t have the speed dial feature.


I have Opera shown in system tray. I do not know how did I set it, though… :(

Reinis Vesers

“Opera Turbo simply lowers the quality of images on every website”
While Opera Turbo does that too, that function of it just barely scratches the surface of how Opera Turbo works. It works by sending your request to an Opera server, where the server downloads the site, compresses it and sends it to you, to be decompressed again in your computer. Speeds up the browsing for slow Internet connections and saves precious Mbytes if you have a download cap to your networking. That way you can save up to 50% of your traffic. The function also exists on Opera Mobile and it’s very effective for mobile users.


But i digress. I think i can easily call myself an Opera fan boy. Opera is the greatest browser for me for the reasons that were mentioned in the article and the fact that Opera has a lot better Password manager than any others I’ve seen in other browsers and the fact that the toolbars are completely customizable, even with the possibility to add buttons. and delete unnecessary ones.


Opera has been my primary browser since its earliest incarnations… well over a decade. as others have mentioned this may be the end of an era since Opera has announced they are dropping their own rendering engine in favour of WebKit. Bad idea in my opinion. We can only hope it retains the UI features that make it unique

I also use Chrome, Firefox, and yes, IE at times, but Opera has always remained my system default. I can have many more tabs open in Opera without bogging down the system than I ever could in any of the others. Opera pioneered tabs and still do them better than the rest. It has also done private browsing for years, something Chrome copied (badly), and which Firefox has only just announced, and integrated with the tabs better than anyone.

Yet another Opera innovation that nobody else ever did right was mouse gestures and cording. I’ve seen many Firefox Plugins that claim to duplicate this


Opera user since 2002 (Opera 3 on BeOS R5!) My first reaction to the move to Webkit was disappointment. But then as someone pointed out to me, how much of what I like about Opera is down to the rendering engine? Relatively little really. Most of the things I like (& need) about Opera are to do with the features & interface. In fact my only major problem with Opera is down specifically to the rendering engine (i.e. important websites not working).

So I’m actually looking forward to the Webkit switch; all those sites where I had to switch to IE/FF/Chrome might then work in Opera. (Fingers crossed!)

Vipul Jain

Opera is great on phones. Love the mini on my S2 when I’m in places with 2G covergae.
But on a desktop, Opera seems a bit un-smooth. I really can’t explain it any further but browsing on Opera & Chrome really feels so.
And as for the speed dial features due to which I used to be an Opera fan, since the chrome market, X New Tab Page extension does all that and better :D


Personally I find the speed dial features on Opera far superior to Chromes. Easy to edit, move around etc. Not so with Chrome. Had me pulling my hair out. Fortunately I am blessed in that department.

I dropped Opera on my Huawei X5 because it was soooooooo sloooooooow. Went back to the default browser which was more than acceptable.

And, all IMHO too.

Schvenn Meister

I only use Opera.
Don’t forget that Opera has built-in e-mail and RSS support, as well as Opera notes.
I also can’t use a browser without mouse gestures.

I’ve been using Opera since it was ad-supported and never looked back.
Opera creates all the innovations that the other browsers eventually make mainstream, such as tabs, mouse gestures and synchronization.

If you want to know what features the other browsers will add 3 years down the road, try Opera, first.
They’ll try it, perfect it and everyone else will copy it.


Don’t forget that even after everyone else copies it through extensions, Opera still does it better /and/ has it built-in.


Don’t use RSS and don’t like the built in email.

Never noticed Notes before. Just had a very quick shufti and will investigate more.

Hate mouse gestures. Ended up doing things I never intended so I just plain don’t use it.


I wish Opera had NoScript (not one of the inferior Chrome-Opera versions of it). If it did I’d use Opera a lot more than I do at present. As it is I’m using FF + NoScript, and Opera’s move to webkit obviously won’t change that.k :-(

Aungmyo H

Why we need it? Especially as a windows user. We already have Firefox, Chrome, Maxthon. What is the good point of opera?


What is the good point of Opera. Well, they are a trail blazer. Without Opera you probably wouldn’t have tabs on any of the browsers to this day. After all, what’s wrong with opening up a new instance of IE, or Firefox or…

Chrome uses a speed dial. Guess who came up with that first?


I checked out Opera some years ago. Somehow it didn’t quite work as good as e.g. Chrome. Another downside of Opera is that if you forget your password (hey it happens after a few years) there is no way to reset it…


What are you talking about?


What password? The only password I know off is password manager. If you were able to reset it, then so would any kiddyscript hacker.

Ayham Alkasir

Thanks nice article, BTW I got stacked tabs on my Firefox with “tab utilities” add-on.


Yeah, another resource hog utility. Opera’s comes built in.

Ashok Kumar

using opera portable……..not so fast on slow connection.

Keith Swartz

Opera is a great browser that I use from time to time. I primarily use Firefox. I would rate Opera #3 in my BEST WEB BROWSERS:

1) Mozilla Firefox

2) Chrome


4) IE 9


my favourite feature? it was developed in my home-country


Opera is simply the lightest browser in regards to system resources available IMHO. Chrome claims to be the fastest browser, but if you compare it to opera, especially on an older computer or say a netbook Opera will win on real world use. Chrome has considerable lag on these slower systems if you add more than one plugin. I love that opera has so many out of the box features, that are considerably useful. However, the only thing that keeps this from being my main browser on all my systems is that it won’t even load many websites, even some major ones. Just says it can’t load the site. Also, every version has some issues with scrolling pages with the wheel on trackpad, and you send up having to reload websites to read them. Other than those two items, opera is the best browser IMO.


Unfortunately, Opera is now in the throes of becoming bloatware. And that saddens me. If I open say 20 tabs, it will hog 1.4+ gigs of RAM. And my machine only has 2 gigs.

Edward Goldblatt

Half the time, I don’t know where I’d be without Tab Stacks. With a drag-and-drop, I can prioritize my web browsing between work, research, and of course TVTropes. Maybe it’s not exactly “groundbreaking”, but without that single function, I have found tabbed browsing to be more of a problem than a help. Outside that, how about the fact that in the browser are included a BitTorrent client, an IRC client, and an E-Mail client? If you have any reason to exist in a portable environment, Opera is your best bet for sheer balance of disk space to function.

Kashif Maqsood

Using it for years now…Really awesome browser. Opera link is another great feature through which you can sync your bookmarks and passwords across your mobile, tablet or any other PC. Bookmarks can also be accessed from anywhere by simply logging in to your online opera account. Also it supports RSS , out of the box.

Ben J

Been using Chrome mainly but have enjoyed switching over to Opera lately. Although I have noticed some sites have issues.


True, some sites have issues. And why? Because they do not adhere to W3 standards. They slavishly follow MickeySoft and their non compliant browsers and functions.

Having said that, there are pages that Chrome and Firefox won’t render properly either.


for me its rather the little things which are there since forever … like left-mb + right-mb = forward; right-mb + left-mb is backward (very convenient if you dont have a tilting mouse wheel or dedicated buttons), or that I can double-click in the tab-bar to get a new tab instead of having to hit the “+” exactly, or that you can minimize tabs and generally have a sane tab-handling (if you close/minimize a tab you get the one you used before, not the one on the left)


Opera was my fav browser for years but the change to version 12 solved that, too damn much bugs…
Hope to see it back on my machine some time later because it has a unique UI.

Vladimir Radakovic

Tab stacking is worst feature ever and tab arranging is very useless. IMPO best feature is “Paste and Go” and “Speed Dial”.


Tab stacking is worst feature ever and tab arranging is very useless. – Why? I find it very useful. I can keep stuff together. And, I can keep the tab stack that I am using at a particular point in time on the right

Biggest gripe I have is the tabs just keep on getting smaller and smaller the more you have. At least with slimbrowser you ended up with an arrow on the right hand side to show there were more tabs there that were not visible in the address bar location.

Frank Kenyan

I find Opera quite heavy on the RAM compared to Google Chrome. So I am more mainstream (Chrome and FireFox).Wii check again. :)


The mouse gesture! By far… At first it can be hard get to use it, but once you do it’s the better and easier way to move in Opera! And even when by any reason i use another browser, i find myself doing that mouse gestures unconsciously…


…still waiting for a version compatible din din phone. Win 7,8



Windows phone i mean ofcourse.. :)


See what a Windows fone does to a fella? Evil. Evil… LOL


RSS Management

Achyut nr dev

Its opera turbo mode & saving the previous session’s tab without any extra setting. And ya I also like the google search bar that it has because of what we dont need to go to google.com first.


Mouse gestures.
Tabs management, especially Ctrl+Tab switching between most recent tabs
Incorporated mail client
Incorporated torrent client

Scott Belcher

Nice features but still not enough to make me want to jump ship. The addons are nowhere near as many as for Firefox and Chrome, and that’s a major killer for me. We’ll see how it develops though. I’ve got it installed and do keep my eye on it now and again.




I have used Opera for years.

Nicut Alexandru

The speed dial feature, tab arrangements and stacking, plus the ” click to activate the plugin ” feature and the very good ram memory management made me give up on firefox.


Using Opera since 1997, never regreat.
In my Bookmarks I have websites that no longer exists.
Every new feature I see in other browses Opera have built-in for years.


the zoom feature in the bottom right corner is one of the most overlooked and one of the most useful opera features – no other browser comes close. so many websites have very small and/or low contrast print this is a really fantastic feature and it is so user friendly and easy to use.