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android solutionDuring your typical day, you put up with annoyances or difficulties and probably just accept them as part of life. Things like forgetting where your car is or forgetting your grocery shopping list at home.  The whole point of technology is to make life easier, so I’m here to offer up four Android solutions to a few of those daily annoyances and problems.

Each of these Android apps are offered for free on the Android Market, but you’ll also find the download scan code for your convenience. If any of these issues are the sort of thing you find yourself dealing with every day, go ahead and give them a try.

Carr Matey Will Find Your Car

So you took your family to the mall, and everyone was excited about a fun-filled day of shopping. You all enjoy a great day – forgetting all about the fact that you’ll eventually need to remember where you parked the car. With some parking lots stretching for acres, it’s not always an easy feat. However, with Carr Matey you’ll never lose track of your car again.

android solution

With GPS enabled, the software recognizes where you are. All you have to do is click on “Drop Anchor” and it notes where your car is parked. The pirate theme is kind of cheesy, but it’s also one of the best car locator apps on the Android market.


If you’re using a parking meter and you want to make sure you don’t go over the time limit, just use the built-in timer to alert yourself that it’s time to get back to your car. When it’s time to go back, you can spot your car on the map by the icon of a ship.

You can either walk to your car by following your location on the map until you reach the ship, or click on “Find Vessel” and use the built-in compass.

You can download Carr Matey using this code:

Live360 Offers Family Safety

Another area of major concern, and a source of a lot of stress for many parents, is the safety of children and teens when they’re away from home. An amazing app that can help parents let go a little bit is Life360.

android applications

Life360 is like a window to the location of all family members, and the dangers in the area. When you first launch the app, it shows local hospitals, fire departments, police departments and even the registered addresses of local sex offenders.

So, if your preteen wants to go to a party that’s located in a neighborhood where there are 2 or 3 convicted sex offenders living next door, at least you’re better informed to make your decision.

The best feature of Life360 is that it helps you keep tabs on the entire family. Just install the app on their mobile device, and they can check in using the app to let you know that they’re okay.

Install the app using this code:

android applications

GTracker Solves Your Grocery Shopping Confusion

Who has time to keep an inventory of the food in your pantry, add those to a grocery list, and then remember to take that list with you? Most of us end up standing in the aisles without any list, because we forgot it at home. Well now there’s a mobile app that can help.

android applications

The cool thing about the app is that it turns several steps into one. You go through your kitchen, take inventory of your food, and then you’re done. Taking inventory involves either typing in the details of each item, or just scanning the barcode on each package.

When you see that items in your inventory are down to zero, just click to add the item to your shopping list.

While you’re going through the grocery store, just click off the items as you buy them. The app keeps track of everything.

android apps

The application is full of a lot of features, so there’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you get use to it, it’s an amazing time saver.

Download GTracker with this code:

android apps

Get Some Rest With Relax and Sleep

I think this is one of my favorite Android apps. There are a lot of people that really struggle to get a good night’s rest, and realistic background noise is the one thing that can do the trick. A cool app called Relax and Sleep provides over thirty amazingly realistic sounds that are sure to lull you to sleep in no time.

android apps

Just to make sure you don’t leave it running all night, you can set up the sounds with a timer so that it’ll shut off automatically.

Download Relax and Sleep with this code:

android solution

These four Android solutions for some of those simple life problems can really reduce the stress in your life and help you enjoy the things that you really love to do, rather than worry about those little things that you don’t.

Have you ever tried out any of these apps? Do you know of any other cool Android apps that solve some of those annoying everyday problems? Share your own resources in the comments section below.

Image credit: Gary Mcinnes

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