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Everything about Chromebooks is designed to be easy, even making the switch to one Make an Easy Switch to Chromebook Now (and Never Look Back) Make an Easy Switch to Chromebook Now (and Never Look Back) I've adopted, studied every Windows OS, adapted, and eventually learned to love each of them for different reasons. Are you curious to know why as of today, I'm a Chromebook guy? Read More . To that end, there are plenty of ways to speed up your Chromebook experience How To Speed Up Your Chromebook Experience How To Speed Up Your Chromebook Experience Do you want to improve your Chromebook experience with easy tweaks and shortcuts? There are lots of time-savers and little known tricks to improve and simplify your day-to-day usage of your device. Read More to get work done even faster.

You can put your touchpad to greater use with these four quick tips. Try them and see how much faster you can get around your system!

    1. When in Chrome, you can slide between open tabs using three or four fingers to slide horizontally. Instead of manually mousing up and clicking a tab, just slide right over to it! This is even faster than using CTRL + TAB to cycle through open tabs.

    2. You can open the task switcher window with a key on your keyboard (in between the fullscreen and brightness-down keys), but swiping down with three or four fingers will open it immediately! This lets you visualize your work when you have several apps running.


    3. The keyboard has forward/back buttons for easy browsing, but you can also swipe left or right with two fingers to navigate through your page history. This also gives the cool visual effect of the current window sliding away to show the new one — you’ll never have to click the back arrow inside Chrome again!

    4. You can use two fingers to slide up and down to scroll webpages vertically; this can be reversed if you prefer. Open Settings, and under the Device heading, choose Touchpad settings. Here, you can switch to Australian scrolling, which makes up swiping up move the page down and vice-versa.

    Note that this will also reverse the action for #2 above — you’ll need to swipe up to open the switcher with Australian scrolling enabled.

    Now that you’ve mastered the touchpad, learn some of the most important Chromebook keyboard shortcuts The 9 Most Powerful Chromebook Shortcuts for You to Learn The 9 Most Powerful Chromebook Shortcuts for You to Learn For those of you who are just starting to love your Chromebook, it's time to learn how to get super-productive with your Google OS device. Read More to increase your speedy skills!

    Did you know all of these touchpad shortcuts? What are your favorite ways to navigate your Chromebook? Let us know below!

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