The 4 Most Bizarre Music Videos Found On YouTube

bizarre videosWith the advent of online video, it’s never been easier to record a song, make a music video of it, and then put it out on the Internet. However, some of the stuff that makes it out there is just different.

Fortunately, I’ve found four videos for you to check out that are unique, well-crafted (well, most of them are), and very interesting to watch. So make sure your bandwidth is clear, because here are four of the most bizarre music videos found on YouTube.

Basil Marceaux – “Come Christmas”

I just really want to go ahead and get this out of the way. The chorus of this Christmas tune, which states “Christmas turns me on,” over and over, is not sexual in in any form or fashion. To be honest, I don’t think the original creators would have intended any innuendo, but it is still awkward all the same.

Perhaps you may remember Basil Marceaux (dot com), the infamous candidate for governor of Tennessee (my home state) that had a rather interesting spot on a local news station about an half-an-hour from where I live. Well, it turns out that Mr. Marceaux decided he would make a home-grown Christmas video last year, and I’m sharing it with you just in time for the holidays.

The Guild – “Game On”

Felicia Day is definitely one of my favorite actresses (she’s just real), and she has a web series called “The Guild” that you might have heard of. The show is centered around her group of gamers for an online MMORPG – pretty cool idea.

The Guild will occasionally make music videos, and this one may very well be my favorite. Done completely in a Bollywood style, this video brings out the joy of gaming with an Indian flair. It’s not bizarre because it’s bad, but it’s bizarre because of its concept.

Rhett and Link – “The Perfect Bathroom Trip”

Rhett and Link are probably the finest Internetainers out there, and they actually have quite a few music videos already out there. There are their epic rap battles, and then their song about pillows. However, this one takes the cake for being the most bizarre.

Bent entirely on describing the perfect bathroom trip, Rhett and Link serenade fellow YouTube star Julian Smith as he takes care of his business and during the events that follow after. Seriously, it’s terribly awkward. Oh, and iJustine makes an appearance in the water closet.

J. Kap – “I Owe?”

J. Kap, who’s “just an artist living in the basement of his parent’s home” seems like an interesting guy, and I can relate to his worries of finances – it’s hard to choose between doing what you love and diving into something that is considered stable. Both are great choices, but they each have their pros and cons.

However, I don’t think I’d actually make a music video about my money situation. One, it costs a lot to make a music video, and that could be used elsewhere. Two, I guess I just like dealing with my financial issues myself. However, J. Kap did, and you can watch it right now.


I love music videos, but there are a lot of crazy ones out there, and these are exclusive to the Internet. They are all fairly well done (save for Basil), but they are just bizarre!

What other bizarre music videos on the Internet do you know about? What do you think of the ones shown here?

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