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CTRL + SHIFT + 4. Those are the only 3 keys you’ll ever need to press when you want to take a screenshot – and I’m not talking about a primitive screenshot either. You can select which region of the screen to capture or you can capture entire windows with a single keystroke. Taking screenshots doesn’t have to be a hassle if you use one of these tools.

For those of you who don’t think you need this kind of tool, I’d implore you to reconsider. Easy-access screenshots are one of those things that seem like it wouldn’t be useful, yet once you’ve used one you won’t ever look back. It’s too convenient and you’ll save a lot of time.



I’ve tried a lot of screenshot utilities over the years, but Puush remains my favorite due to its low resource usage (~600KB RAM) and fast performance. Like most screenshot tools, it sits in the background of your computer and only responds when you press a relevant keyboard shortcut. It’s simple yet full-featured, which is a wonderful combination.

What makes Puush useful?

  • Capture, Upload, and Share with one keystroke.
  • Captures entire screen, certain regions, or entire windows.
  • Images are stored on Puush servers and image links are automatically copied to the clipboard when a screenshot is taken.

You’ll need a free Puush account before you can use it but it’s a hassle-free signup. Free accounts can storage unlimited images, capped at 20MB per image, and images will expire after 1 month of not being accessed. Pro accounts ($15/year) have an image size cap of 250MB and won’t expire until 6 months of not being accessed.


Bottom Line: Puush is fantastic if you want to take a quick capture of your screen and share it with someone right away. Check out our Puush review Puush: Take Screenshots and Share Them Instantly Puush: Take Screenshots and Share Them Instantly Image hosting and image sharing sites are all the rage these days, especially with the widespread explosion in popularity of Internet image macros and memes. Images are pleasing to the eye and people are more... Read More for a deeper look.



ShareX is similar to Puush above in terms of how it operates and what it can do, but there are a few subtle but substantial differences. Like Puush, ShareX can snap screenshots with a single keystroke. It can upload images to an image host and make it easy to share with friends. The interface is a bit harder to learn than Puush’s simplicity, but there are a few more features here that you might like.

What makes ShareX useful?

  • No account creation necessary.
  • Captures entire screen, certain regions, or entire windows.
  • Dashboard center that lets you handle all ShareX activities in a single window.
  • Automated Capture option that lets you take screenshots on a time interval.
  • Choose which image host where you want your images uploaded.

Bottom Line: ShareX is the preferred tool if you like to use different image hosts instead of relying on one single host like Puush. ShareX is also good if you’ll frequently be using its more advanced features. Check out our ShareX review ShareX: Screenshot Capture, Upload, And Share All Wrapped Into One ShareX: Screenshot Capture, Upload, And Share All Wrapped Into One What if you could take a screenshot at any time, in any shape, in any format, all with no more than a simple click of the mouse or tap of the keyboard? What if you... Read More for a deeper look.



Greenshot isn’t so much a “screenshot in one keystroke” type of tool that both Puush and ShareX strive to be. Instead, it pushes the whole concept to the next level by implementing lots of advanced features at the cost of simplicity and quickness. That’s not a bad thing by any means – it just serves a different purpose and it does it well.

What makes Greenshot useful?

  • Lots of screen capture modes – more than Puush and ShareX.
  • Choose which format you want for your screenshots.
  • Screenshots can be uploaded to an image host, saved to your computer, or exported for use elsewhere.
  • Built-in image editor to edit screenshots you’ve taken.
  • Open source under the GPL license.

Bottom Line: I want to say that Greenshot is the best choice for users who aren’t computer wizards. It has an intuitive interface, lots of features, extendable through plugins, and a built-in image editor for quick touch-ups – nearly an all-in-one package. Check out our Greenshot review Capture & Share Screenshots In Seconds With Greenshot Capture & Share Screenshots In Seconds With Greenshot Do you still load Paint or Photoshop to edit and save a screenshot? No wonder you don't like it! With Greenshot, taking, editing, and sharing screenshots becomes a breeze. Read More for a deeper look.

Ashampoo Snap


Ashampoo Snap is the only screenshot tool in this list that isn’t available for free. It costs $20 USD for a license, though it does have the option of a free trial for users who want to try it out. Learn more about the latest version in our Ashampoo Snap 7 review Ashampoo Snap 7 Review: Easy Screenshot And Video Capture Ashampoo Snap 7 Review: Easy Screenshot And Video Capture Looking for an easy & comprehensive desktop capture solution? Snap 7 offers advanced screenshot options, including multi-shots and video capture. But is it worth 20 Bucks? Read our review and test it yourself with the... Read More .

What makes Ashampoo Snap useful?

  • Plenty of capture modes, including video screen capture.
  • Built-in full-featured editor to edit images and videos right after capturing. Actions include cropping, zooming, adding effects, blurring, adding text, adding arrows, etc.
  • Upload to Ashampoo Webspace to store and share your screenshots.

Bottom Line: The strength of Ashampoo Snap is in its post-capture screenshot editing. It’s a robust program that can be your one-stop-shop for anything related to snapping screenshots. If you need a powerful screenshot tool and you’re going to use it a lot, you’d be justified in dropping $20 USD for this one.

What is your priority when taking screenshots and which tool serves your needs best?

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