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diablo 3 playerThe video game world is buzzing with Diablo 3 talk. People have their problems with it, especially if they were big Diablo 2 players, but personally, I love it. In the few short weeks it has been available I have spent close to 100 hours grinding my way through the game. There is just something about finding that next great piece of loot or tweaking a little piece of my character’s build that keeps me constantly coming back for more.

Of course, when anything is popular, there are usually a slew of mobile applications that hit the market in an attempt to cash in on the popularity. Diablo 3 is no exception. However, one glance at the app store will show you a ton of poorly rated apps. That being said there are some good ones out there, you just have to dig a little. Or, you can just read the rest of this article and save yourself the trouble.

Blizzard Authenticator (Free)

This app is an absolute must have if you are any kind of serious Diablo 3 player. With the real money auction house coming along at some point, gear in Diablo 3 has real-world value, and when anything has a monetary value, there are bad people out there looking to steal it. The Blizzard Authenticator is designed to prevent that.

diablo 3 player

The app simply adds another layer of protection to your account, which will help keep your character from getting ransacked. There has already been a number of reported cases of accounts being hacked and characters having all their gear stolen. Seriously, download the free app and protect your gear.

D3 Spellbook (Free)

Are you so addicted to Diablo 3 that you think about it even when you are not in front of the computer? I feel your pain. Well with the D3 Spellbook, you can actually set up character builds directly from your iPhone. This allows you to work on a new spell set for your character anywhere you go.


diablo 3 ios

Not only does it allow you to set up your skills, but it also provides a detailed description of each skill and each rune. This way, if you cannot remember the name of a certain skill, you can have your memory refreshed with this cool app.

Error 37 (Free)

This app is named after the infamous error players were receiving constanly when the game was launched. It does one job and it does it well. It is designed to let you know the status of the Diablo 3 servers. At this point, it seems as though Blizzard got themselves in check and have everything up and running properly, but if you really need to know the server status before you get home, this is the app for you.

diablo 3 ios

You can check the server status for the Americas, Europe and Asia, so no matter where you live you can find out the status of Diablo 3. Not only can you use this for game server status, you can also use it to keep track of the auction house and whether it is up and running.

Diablo 3 Fan Pack ($.99)

This app has everything a Diablo 3 fan needs. It has news, lore, a guide, media and tools. The news section could stand to be filled in a little better, as all that seems to be there now is info regarding patches to the game. The rest of the app is chock-full of valuable information.

diablo 3 player


The guide is where you will want to spend most of your time. It has information regarding skills for every class, the game’s followers, the artisans and everything else you could need to know about Diablo 3. If you want to improve your Diablo 3 knowledge at any time, this is the app for you.


With these apps you will be ready to become a Diablo 3 pro. They have everything you need to set up your character’s skills, learn about the game and even keep your precious gear safe and sound. If you love Diablo 3, you need these apps on your iPhone.

What Diablo 3 apps have you found? Let us know your favorites in the comments!

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