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adobe air todo list For a long time, I hated Adobe AIR. I never saw the point of accessing things on my desktop, since they are online.

Well, I’ve had my mind changed somewhat. I’ve been downloading and trying a bunch of different Adobe AIR ToDo list apps, and have found a bunch of them that are actually incredibly useful. One of the things AIR is best for, in my opinion, is managing your to-do items and tasks. We need task-management applications that are lightweight, simple to use, and easy to get started with. Adobe AIR has those in spades.

Here are four (well, actually five) great Adobe Air todo applications for making lists with Adobe AIR, simply and effectively:


doomi - adobe air to do

Doomi is about the simplest way to manage tasks that I can think of. Just fire up the application, type a task, and press Enter. Type another, and press Enter. Then, as you finish tasks, check them off and they go away. There’s nothing more to it. You can set reminders and due dates, should you so desire, but you don’t really need to.

When you’re not using it, Doomi sits in your system tray and waits for you, all the while taking up only a small amount of memory. Doomi is awesome for quickly getting everything out of your head and into a list, and is both one of the best and one of the most popular ways to manage all of your lists and tasks with Adobe AIR.



minitask- adobe air todo app

Minitask is much the same as Doomi, in that it’s an incredibly simple way to manage all your tasks. It’s slightly more fully featured, though – you can drag and drop your tasks to reorder them, the ability to print your task lists, and the ability to sort your tasks into multiple lists (Work, Home, etc.).

You can even copy and paste tasks from MiniTask right into Word, Excel, and your email account. It’s as easy as Doomi to add to and edit, but with a few more bells and whistles. In my experience, it also takes up more memory than Doomi- but that might be just me.

Either way, MiniTask is a great, complete task-manager.

Remember the Milk


Many people, like myself, already use an application to manage our tasks. For me, it’s Remember the Milk. If you’re an RTM user like me, there are two great AIR applications- Remember the Milk Notifier and Remember the Tasks. The Notifier sits in your system tray, and reminds you when you’ve got a task due or overdue. You can set how often you’re reminded, and even add tasks to RTM through the application.

Remember the Task is essentially just a standalone version of the iGoogle gadget for Remember the Milk. It sits in your system tray, and is easy to access in order to manage your tasks.

There are no uniquely incredible features to speak of, but I love having RTM accessible through Alt-Tab, and not only in my browser.



KonoLive is designed for people who work in teams. It’s a task manager that works with Google Docs for your documents, for your files, and all the people on your team. You can create and share tasks, which can be discussed by anyone.

Your tasks are available offline with the AIR app, and also online thanks to KonoLive. It’s a perfect, lightweight and simple solution for small groups and businesses with common files, documents and tasks.

What’s your favorite Adobe AIR todo list app?

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