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3Jam is a handy and totally free “reply-all” text messaging application that works on any mobile phone. It allows you to initiate group text-messaging conversations with friends, where everyone gets the ‘reply all’ option (to all participants at once).

3Jam - Mobile Text Messaging

3Jam Features:

  • Send/Receive group text messages from your mobile.
  • Each message recipient provided with ‘reply all’ option.
  • Use it from the website (limited to 2 recipients) or on your mobile phone (up-to 15 recipients).
  • Create and Organize contacts into groups.
  • Import your contacts from a number of mail programs and contact managers.
  • Mobile Text Commands/Shortcuts: send message to groups, add contact, remove contact, view contacts, etc.
  • All 3jam messaging sessions are private and available only to the users in the conversation.
  • Works on any cell phone and on any service provider.
  • Note: 3Jam service is free, however depending on your carrier and wireless plan standard text messaging charges may apply. Each group message you send/receive through 3jam is counted as one text message.
  • More Questions? Check out 3Jam FAQ page.

3Jam demo video:

Go to 3Jam []

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