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There are several things that don’t make much sense in 2D, but the complexity of 3D drawing tools usually keep people away from them. 3DTin is a easy to use pixel drawing program that changes that by letting you draw 3D objects online without any hassle. You can draw objects from scratch or customize an object saved by one of the other users.

You can draw, delete and even rotate the board to view your drawing from a different perspective. Use the color wizard to select your desired color, save your drawing, open a previously saved drawing or simply start a new drawing with a single click.

The app also gives you a list of keyboard shortcuts that come in handy while trying to draw your next 3D model.

pixel drawing program


  • Free 3D pixel drawer online.
  • Add or delete cubes with a single click.
  • View from different angles.
  • Select desired color using color wizard.
  • Save your drawing and view public gallery.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tool: Q-Block, CubeScape, Pixie and Colorpx.

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