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You have probably seen those fancy 3D pictures on some retail websites which allow to preview item in 360° view. Ever wanted to make such previews as well? Using the website you can make similar 3D pictures as well. For instance, you can use the website to nicely present items you want to sell on eBay or some other auction site and make your listing more attractive.

make 3d pictures

Below is a sample 3D image created using 3dBin:

The site offers both free and paid accounts, the free account is limited to store at most 3 active 3D photos at any given time.

Creating 3d pictures is easy, all you need is a digital camera and two sheets of A3 paper. See it explained in detail in the video tutorial below:



  • Create 3D photos online.
  • Easy to use, all you need is digital camera and two sheets of A3 paper.
  • Embed picture on any webpage and share it by forwarding a URL.
  • Supported image formats: .jpg, .bnp, .png, .tif, .jpeg, .jpe, .jiff, .tiff.
  • Premium account comes with even more options.

Check out 3dBin @

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