3D-pack: Create A 3D Box View For Your Product

Ever wanted to make a 3D view for your product but thought it was too complicated? Here is a tool that will change your mind. 3D-BoxMaker lets you create a 3D view of your product within seconds. Just upload individual images of the cover, top, side and backside – the tool will then take them and create a 3D view. It lets you create 3d boxes in form of CD box, DVD box and Book.

Supported image formats are jpg, png and gif. Once the 3D view is created, you can rotate it in any direction to get a 360 degree view and download it to your computer. A permanent link is also provided for every output so you can easily share it with your friends. You can also view the gallery for 3D views created by other users.

3dbox   3D pack: Create A 3D Box View For Your Product

To see how it works watch video demo below:


  • Create a 3D view for your product.
  • Just upload images and convert them to a 3D view.
  • Download as a PNG, GIF or JPG.
  • No registration required.

Visit 3D-BoxMaker @ www.3D-Pack.com

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