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iphone security appsEditor’s Note (18th September 2012) – This app has undergone some significant changes since we first wrote about it, and this is reflected in the negative comments below this post. Please understand that it is outwith our control if the developer chooses to make changes to their app, and that everything we say here on MUO is / was accurate at the time of writing.  If you have any complaints about the app, please take them up with the developer. Please also note that the app receiving the negative feedback is the one in the App Store, and the one Dave is discussing is for jailbroken phones only. If you do not have a jailbroken phone, do NOT buy the version from the App Store.

Everyone is talking about information privacy. Whether it is the latest change to Google’s privacy policy Google Set To Merge All Their Services Under One Massive Privacy Policy [News] Google Set To Merge All Their Services Under One Massive Privacy Policy [News] In a short while, Google will be making some huge changes to their privacy policy and terms of service. Basically, they will be placing all of their services under one giant privacy policy. They are... Read More , or some kind of hack that is causing information to be stolen Facebook And Dropbox (iOS & Android) Major Security Flaw Leaks User Information [Updates] Facebook And Dropbox (iOS & Android) Major Security Flaw Leaks User Information [Updates] Read More , everyone is thinking about ways to protect their private information. Privacy is not just about who can see your information; it is also important to control who can contact you and interfere in your life. We all have smartphones that are connected to the Internet constantly. This makes us susceptible to people contacting us, whether or not we really wish to talk to them.

If you own a jailbroken iPhone, there is an amazing application called 360MobileSafe, which is designed to give you an increased level of security on your iPhone. It allows you to take the reins and choose how you want to protect your device. It features an easy to use interface that allows you to set up your security quickly and easily. You can select which features you want to use, so if there are certain security things that are unimportant to you, you can choose not to use them.

I should mention, a Chinese company develops this application, and some of the translation can be a little odd. The developers are aware and working on this. It does not alter the performance of the app at all.

What does 360MolbileSafe do?

The app allows you to take total control over how you protect the data on your iPhone. If you are concerned about security, this free Cydia app is a must have. Best of all, it is 100% free.

iphone security apps


Everything in the application is divided into five categories. Each one allows you to tweak and fine-tune how the app protects you.


iphone security software

The first category is called “Block-Records.” This section of the application allows you to add and remove phone numbers that are blocked from messaging and calling you. You can fine-tune the settings for how the calls and messages are blocked. From here, you can also see a list of all the attempted calls by the blocked numbers. If you have people bothering you all the time, this is the place to prevent them from contacting you.


iphone security software

The next section is called “Privacy.” This section is divided into three subsections. The first one is called “Private-Space.” In here, you can store phone numbers in secret. You can only access the numbers stored in this area by entering your passcode.

iphone security software

The next subsection in “Privacy” is called “StrongBox.” This is very similar to the last one, but instead of secretly keeping contacts it holds photos, videos, voice recordings, messages and memos. If you keep things on your phone that you do not want others to see, this is the place to put them.

iphone security

The final subsection for “Privacy” is called “AppLock.” As the name implies, you can make it so certain applications on your phone can only be opened using your passcode. If you let other people play with your phone, this is a great feature to enable.

System Clean

iphone security

This section is not as much about security as it is keeping your phone running as fast as possible. It finds junk files, deletes them from your phone, and kills unnecessary applications running in the background. It also provides a rating for system, and tells you if it thinks a system cleaning is necessary.


This application has a deep anti-theft system that is among the best I have seen, especially from a free app. It allows you to set up a safe phone, which would most likely be a close friend or family member, for you to access all the anti-theft features in the unfortunate event that your device is stolen.

iphone security

It offers three types of protection. The app will notify your safe number if the stolen iPhone has a new SIM installed. This will let you know that they are taking the steps to make the phone theirs permanently. The next option is to use the safe phone to send an SMS that causes an alarm to go off in the phone. The last is locking down the phone remotely, and taking a photo of anyone who attempts to unlock the device. Of course, these may not recover your stolen phone, but they certainly increase the chances, and that is always a good thing.

Network Traffic Meter

iphone security apps

This section allows you to control how you use data on your device. You can view how much data you have consumed, and even run a speed test to see if your carrier is really giving you the data speed they promised. It is not really a section for security, but it is useful and helpful nonetheless.


If you need a free application to help keep the data on your iPhone secure, 360MobileSafe is a solid option. You will need a jailbroken device in order to make use of this free app. If you do, I highly recommend checking it out.

What do you think of 360MobileSafe? Let us know in the comments!

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