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When it comes to online security, there’s no such thing as playing it safe. You take every possible measure to ensure that your personal details do not fall into the wrong hands. And how do you do this? Using your common sense is a good start. Think twice before you click on any link. Be a doubter. Follow these 10 safety tips 10 Simple Steps To Staying Safe On Social Networks 10 Simple Steps To Staying Safe On Social Networks This simple list of 10 safety tips will help to make social networking a fun experience while being cautious. Read More .

The next step would be to bump your security up a notch by using a VPN service. VPNs route your Internet traffic through secure servers, basically hiding you and your private details from prying eyes. Since there’s no hardware restriction, you may use your VPN service from anywhere in the world — from the comfort of your own home, to your local café, even at a sushi bar in Tokyo. That’s convenience.

Get this deal now: VPN Unlimited Premium Plan for 3 years at just $19!

Most VPN providers encrypt your data using military grade encryption before it leaves your laptop or smartphone, so the world has no idea what you’re up to. Sure, you could use a free VPN service 5 Great Free VPN Services Compared: Which Is Fastest? 5 Great Free VPN Services Compared: Which Is Fastest? If you've never used a VPN before, you may want to reconsider. A VPN routes your internet connection through an encrypted third-party server, securing your data. But which VPN service is faster? Read More , but it’s a short term solution. Free VPN providers usually retard their services to provide their premium plans an edge — this could range from slowing the connection speed to limiting data transmission, forcing you to pay for their faster premium plans.

Today’s deal solves a whole bunch of these issues, and more. Plus it comes with an attractive price tag of just $19. That’s right — $19 buys you three years’ worth of VPN Unlimited Premium plan service. That works out to just $0.017 a day.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll get for $19.

No Limits

As the name probably implies, you’ll receive unlimited traffic bandwidth, and unrestricted connection speed, provided with the server of your choice. You won’t have to worry about not being able to hold a video conference because you’ve reached your limit. Or not being able to stream that online video because you’ve reached your limit. Or not being able to download the album you’ve been waiting for because you’ve gone over your bandwidth allocation. There are no limits.

Location, Location, Location

With a VPN service, you’ll get to decide which server to connect to, and route your traffic through that particular server. You’ll appear to the world as located in that area. Bet you can think of a few good uses for this, eh? Streaming Hulu and Netflix? Accessing geo-restricted content? Bypass local government censorship? Does that all sound good to you?

Any Device, Five At A Time

What if you also want to protect your entire family, or extend them the privilege of bypassing geo-restrictions? Easy — your VPN Unlimited Premium service may be used on any supported device (computers, tablets, smartphones except Windows Phones), and the plan supports five simultaneous connections. In other words, install the VPN on as many devices as you want, as long as only five are active at any one time, you’re well within your plan.

If you have a large family, or more devices than a single VPN Unlimited Premium plan can handle, then get more than one plan. Yes, you may purchase multiple licenses at $19, but they’re not stackable and must operate on unique accounts (which shouldn’t be an issue).

Complete Anonymity At An Affordable Price

How much would you pay to keep your data safe and private? Would you have believed me if I told you $19 was all you needed to fork out? Well, you should be convinced by now.

Buy it now: 3-Year VPN Unlimited Premium Plan for just $19, ends soon.

Even if you haven’t used a VPN service before, this deal surely is enticing enough to make you want to. Remember, you may purchase more than one license if you require more than five simultaneous connections – they’ll need to use unique user accounts. Licenses may be redeemed immediately after purchase. All sales are final.

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