3 WordPress Plug-Ins To Automate & Improve Your Blog SEO

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seoHead   3 Wordpress Plug Ins To Automate & Improve Your Blog SEOMost bloggers know the value of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. By performing some tasks, tricks and jumping through some hoops you can make your website or blog appear more impressive to the bigger search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Optimizing certain parts of your website, including article titles, image alternate text tags and having a up-to-date sitemap can really help your search engine standing.

Most people hear the tasks they need to do to optimize their site and they get scared off. I am here to tell you that any ordinary person can perform Search Engine Optimization like the big boys. All you need to do is grab a few plug-ins. I currently use 3 plug-ins to help me with my websites. I will run through them with you and show you how they can help you automate your blog SEO.

First up is SEO Friendly Images – as you can imagine, it helps you automatically optimize your images so search engines can see them. Search engines are not real people and they cannot see images. To index images they rely on Alt Image Tags which in plain English means Alternate Image Tags. You tag them and the search engines read them. Now if you have a blog with thousands of posts already what do you do? You install SEO Friendly Images as a plug-in, activate it and rock and roll! Let’s check it out.

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First off go to your blog and right click on an image.  You can also mouse over the image and the alt tag will appear. This is the text a user who has images blocked will see as a place holder.

seo1   3 Wordpress Plug Ins To Automate & Improve Your Blog SEO

Wordpress uses the file’s name as the alternate text. This is good if you use crazy descriptive names ““ but it’s bad if you are lazy like me. So my alternate text is mini1. That doesn’t mean much! Now download and install the plug in. Activate it and watch the magic.

seo2   3 Wordpress Plug Ins To Automate & Improve Your Blog SEO

After activating it, refresh your page and right click and check out the image’s properties again. Now it is using the title of the post! Sweet! This will bring in boatloads of traffic.

seo3   3 Wordpress Plug Ins To Automate & Improve Your Blog SEO

All in One SEO Pack ““ All in One SEO is a blog owner’s dream. It tries to cover most of the big issues users see with SEO. It allows you to, easily and in a SEO friendly manner, rewrite the Home title of your Blog as well as your meta description,  keywords, post titles, category titles and so much much more. Just by activating it and filling in a few fields you are on your way to SEO heaven!

seo4   3 Wordpress Plug Ins To Automate & Improve Your Blog SEO

If you do not know what one of the fields means or will do, simply click on its heading like so:

seo5   3 Wordpress Plug Ins To Automate & Improve Your Blog SEO

Google XML Sitemaps ““ and last up in my SEO plug-in arsenal is a sitemap tool. A sitemap is very important because it shows the search engines how your site is set up. The title eludes to the fact that it will only work with Google but as far as I know the site map generated worked for the other search engines including Bing and Yahoo.

Go ahead and download and install the plug in. And then activate it. You will have a new control panel under settings that says XML Sitemap and the control panel looks like this:

seo6   3 Wordpress Plug Ins To Automate & Improve Your Blog SEO

By default it will notify the search engines when you update your blog. It will rebuild your sitemap and it will add the sitemaps’ URL to your robots.txt file automatically. If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry, the plug-in has you covered.

Do you have another must-have SEO plug in for your blog? Please share it with us in the comments!

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Mr. Uncomment

Old stuff. Those plugins are at least 2 years old, so bring on some new shit and don’t copy what’s been said over and over and over again.

Karl Gechlik

Is that really necessary? Yes the plugins range from 1-2 years old but that is still what I am using to automate my SEO on my blog. If you have better suggestions we are all ears Mr. Uncomment.

Mark O'Neill

MakeUseOf does not solely focus on the new stuff. We also discuss what we think is great and useful, regardless of its age. This is not a news site or a “wow, look what’s new!” site, it’s a recommendation site.

Please bear that in mind the next time you get your verbal barrage out.

Dan Zappone

Yes, those plugins have been around for a while but they are still the best and they are updated regularly. All of them have continually evolved adding new features since their inception which doesn’t make them old. They are useful, well tested, and stable which is what you really want in a plugin if you are running any sort of production site.

Dan Zappone

Ah, yeah, I almost forgot, well actually, I did forget. There is one other plugin that I use for SEO with WordPress: Automatic SEO Links. It can “automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog” which basically creates internal content links from your content to you pages and posts.




How does Headspace 2 compare to All-in-One SEO Pack? It seems really well featured and well thought out.



I agree, please show some new SEO stuff for WP. Those plugins are OLD!



Though that these are older plugins, they do their job and does it very well. I always used the XML sitemap, I thought I had All in one SEO installed but I didn’t and so it’s all installed and hopefully it will bring in little but more viewers.

I do have an suggestion, I think it would be great if you could write an article about Twitter WordPress plugins. I like to look at new cool plugins, well ones that actually work!

Well anyways I liked the post.


Lisa Olinda

I am using 2 out of the 3 plug-ins. I believe if the plug-in works well for you then keep on using it. I am going to try the image plug-in. Thanks.

Karl Gechlik | AskTheAdmin.com

Let us know how that plugin works out for you Lisa.


Lee Willis

Hi – it’s important to remember that the XML Sitemaps plugin only covers standard WordPress data. If you run plugins that have other data (Like WP E-Commerce) and you want to list data from that plugin – you’ll have to extend it.

I’ve published a plugin already that includes products and categories from WP E-Commerce in the XML (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-e-commerce-xml-sitemap/) – it should serve as a good example for anyone else that wants to generate sitemap entries for their app or plugin.



These are good plugins that are very stable and leaders in their class imo.

Why not add them to a roundup many people may not have heard of one or another?

I only came across SEO friendly images recently but then my blog is not that old…



Once you have the required traffic from the SEO you should employ a web analytics provider such as clicktale.com to optimise your conversions by seeing exactly what your customers are doing on your site.


Elizabeth Crane

Love the plugins…wouldn’t care if they were 110 years old. Should we all stop using WordPress since it is over two years old? Have two of the plugins, going now to get the other one. Thanks for the post.

Karl Gechlik | AskTheAdmin.com

Thanks Elizabeth. My thoughts EXACTLY!



Yes I agree with Elizabeth, who cares about the age of a plugin if it actually does the job & there isn’t anything better..? The number of downloads & the fact that nobody has produced anything better should be enough to tell any dim witt with a name like (uncomment), that these are indeed the best plugins in their class!

Good article !!!

Karl Gechlik | AskTheAdmin.com

Yes the shear number of downloads proves it is worthy of our review and chalk that up to my positive results for the last 2 years – it is awesome.

Thanks to our loyal readers for sticking up for the writers! You guys rock and those that are only looking to write something negative – why hate? It’s so much better to be nice and friendly especially around the holiday season.

I hate people that want to bring others down!!



I agree that two plugins are really good. I was not using the image one, will start using it soon.


Jennifer Hutchings

Well, shame on me! Here I was, actually feeling grateful for a simply-written, actually useful, article on SEO that I could totally understand – as a rank beginner most of the stuff out there makes my head spin. So by the time I got to the end and was ready to the read the comments I was feeling really excited and looking forward to what others might have to add.

Then I found out that I’m actually so dumb about this stuff that I was on the verge of adopting seriously OLD software to help me improve my SEO standings. Oh, NO! Thank you, Mr. Uncomment, for saving me from making a terrible mistake.

Now I’m off to unload my 5yo son, my 6 yo car, and my 7 yo dog, as they’re obviously behind the times as well. I’d better schedule a facelift – fast – before someone decides I’m too old and the world would be better off without me!

I’m thinking of getting some tee shirts printed as well – what do you think of: “We’re not using up this planet fast enough!” “Throw out anything over 18 months old – even if it still works!” “Old = Lousy / New = Valuable and Cool!”



I’m a complete newbie at SEO and have been reading Blogs like yours and others to get a feel for the concept. Thanks for the info. My site is very niche specific so I have no illusions that people would come flocking to my site.

I have several SEO optimize plugins for my site active and one I found useful, at least to my newbie eyes is High Performance SEO. It seems to touch on all the major components of a site. And explains what all the parts accomplish. I’m not sure how effective it is but it does allow one to learn the various concepts. Thanks again.




Thanks for the article! I’m new at blogging and am getting mine ready (I’m a Realtor) and these plugins sound like ones that I surely should use.

Sadly many people equate new to better and old to unuseful. Big mistake. There’s a lot of “NEW” stuff out there that doesn’t work worth a…….and “OLD” stuff that ROCKS!

Thanks! I look forward to getting my blog up and running, and installing all these plugins.


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I cannot believe this is true!


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mmmm…nice info thank brother :)



Well didn’t knew about SEO friendly images…I use all in one SEO and Scribe also..To get a good optimization..! Thanks..!

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