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As the title says what we got here are a couple of tools to share and track your well-being. While each of them are slightly different from the other, they share a common purpose and more or less work in a similar way. Basically, the idea is to allocate 1-2 min. at the end of each day in order to quickly rate it and if necessary comment on it. By doing so for a couple of months you can get a pretty good insight into your overall well-being (or happiness) and the reasons behind it.

iRateMyDay iRateMyDay - Personal Moodometer iRateMyDay - Personal Moodometer Read More

Fun website which can help you find out how happy you are. You can measure overall happiness by quickly rating your days for a certain period of time. The rating system is fairly simple, just select most suitable mood face for the day (from Great to Worst) and add an optional comment. Do it for a month, and you’ll know how many days of the month you felt great, terrible, indifferent and so on. Do it for a year or half and you’ll pretty much know whether you’re a happy person or not, and why is it so.

Emotionr (discontinued)

Emotionr is a slightly more social alternative to iRateMyDay. Not only does it let you track and share your emotional experiences with others, but also browse through mood photos uploaded by other community members, check out happiest countries, share your daily mood score on your blog, and even get a world mood score for the day.



Flickaday offers something rather different, the basic idea behind it is to let users take a snap photo of themselves on a daily basis, compliment it with an optional comment and share it with others. To enable sharing FlickaDay provides a handy widget which can be used to show off these daily mood photos on you blog or web profile (i.e. Myspace). By default widget shows only the most recent photo but users can also check out all of your daily pics in calendar-like manner or play the whole set combined into Flick (movie animation) accompanied with a background song of your choice.

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