3 Excellent Sites to Get Free Document Templates

legal documents   3 Excellent Sites to Get Free Document Templates Once in a while we all need some kind of document, it may be a business plan presentation, rental contract, non-disclosure agreement, or even a name change request form. In most cases, Googling the document may ultimately get you what you need, but it’s both time consuming and frustrating. Below, I want to go through 3 excellent resources that can provide you with any professional document or form template for free.

(1) Docstoc – Extremely useful community-powered service for sharing all kinds of business document templates. If you need a professional document, Docstoc is the first place to check out. Whether it’s a legal document, a business form or whatever is out there. Docstoc was launched just recently but already counts over 65.000 user-submitted documents, covering legal, business, financial, technology, and education areas.

docstoc share document   3 Excellent Sites to Get Free Document Templates

For all Docstoc features and video demo check out Docstoc profile here.

(2) Gazhoo – Unlike Docstoc, Gazhoo is a marketplace for legal, financial and business documents, case studies and research papers. Mainly it’s a place to buy and sell professional documents. However, with the exception of few scarce document types (i.e. market research papers) most of the listed documents are free. So, it’s a pretty good resource as well.

gazhoo docs marketplace   3 Excellent Sites to Get Free Document Templates

(3) Scribd – Scribd has the biggest document collection, but it’s not focused on professional documents alone. It’s more like a virtual document library, where anyone can freely upload and share any kind of text documents (jokes, facts, stories, legal, presentations, etc.). Although, there is a good deal of useless stuff, it still has lots of legal forms and document templates. Read more: Scribd – Online Document Sharing.

scribd share documents   3 Excellent Sites to Get Free Document Templates

Are you aware of any other similar websites? Share them in comments ;-)

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Docstoc is a rip-off of Scribd. Gazhoo is a little different in that it’s a marketplace where uploaders are selling their documents.


Scribd and Docstoc are similar services but each serves different needs. Scribd is more like Youtube for text files, it’s designed towards community. Docstoc on the other hand is just a resource for professional documents.

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I have use scribd, it’s nice for general documents, but I prefer to design my own ;)


I’ve used http://www.paynetglobal.com for quick and dirty contracts. completely free ad supported site.


Thanks for sharing. I only knew about Scrib. Now I can upload on more sources yey! I wonder if I can save PSD ( photoshop format ) there. Anyway, grate post!

Israel J Pattison

None of these sites had any templates for iWork (Pages, Keynote, Numbers) as far as I could see. Pretty useless then.


Well, most of the windows folks still use Powerpoint, Word and Excel. On top of that OpenOffice supports them as well.


Nice post. I personally like Scribd the most out of the three.


Here you can find more resources and a global search engine.


thanks to all : so @ cactus for searchdocs.net ;-)

Manoj Ranaweera

Great article. We decided to concentrate on post production interactivity. Therefore the output of all documents in http://www.edocr.com is pdfs. Whilst we do have consumer oriented documents, our focus is on servicing businesses. Best regards Manoj

Janice DeBard

I’m going to use this information. Thanks.

Tate Linden

This stuff is gold for small businesses. Many thanks for posting


Gazhoo will be interesting to watch over time as it is the newest of the 3 sites. They have come up with a business model that makes sense for users; financial incentive to sellers; access to quality documents for cheap for buyers. One user seems to have made $1,500 selling documents so far. This is the start of something.


I’ve found the documents at free-legal-document.com most useful – well constructed, written in plain English and easy to edit.

Jay Hughes

Couple of free ipages iwork mac templates here. Simple request by email. FraserValleyLinks.com

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Docstoc is really cool.

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Scribd was letting backlinks into pages, but does not allow it anymore. Since January of 2008 they changed their policy. Their sites works great and does an outstanding job uploading and translating documents from various formats. I am going to have to experiment a little with the other two.


esnips.com is also a site worth checking out..


You can also try anydocs.co.uk for free UK Document templates. Legal documents, business documents, rental and tenancy agreements etc are all available for free


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Gary Winnick

Scribd was letting backlinks concernment pages, but does not sanction factual anymore. Since January of 2008 they weird their policy. Their sites foundry skookum also does an first-class concern uploading also translating documents from variant formats. I am stir to deem to tryout a easily done with the incommensurable two.


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Another great document site is freebusinessformsandtemplates.com

paid directory

this is really good for start up businesses or even to update you exisiting business and put a better system in place.


thanks for sharing, and also check out spreadsheetzone.com for free to download excel templates for business and personal use.


Another site that is up and coming and I like using it better is docshare.com it is more user friendly and is easier to use.

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Docshare isn’t bad but there are many to choose from.


i would like to know what i wold need to do to get some legal doc

Jim Cochran

These are great resources for general documents and the like, but if you need legally reviewed business document templates, consider giving http://www.contractedge.com/ a shot.

Todd Toback

I got many free documents through eztemplatesnow.com Editable docs and easy to use.


its good sit for”cad cam” people

Small Business Help

Yeah these three sites have saved me a ton of time. The days of creating documents from scratch are over!


I am not sure about it but I think Scribd supports PSD images as well.