3 Websites To Get Started With Learning C++ Programming Language

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c programmingLearning to program can be difficult for many, even with relatively easy programming languages. While Java is easier to get started with (where we have numerous articles here at MakeUseOf for Java as well as Internet scripting languages and deciding which one to learn), C++ may not be.

However, those with some programming experience will find learning C++ less difficult than beginners, although there are plenty of good websites to teach yourself with.

Why Learn C++?

Why would you care to learn C++? It is a very powerful programming language which basically has a “trust the programmer” motto. While that stance also increases the chance for errors without the complier freaking out, it does give the programmer more flexibility in how they actually write their code.

Due to this, most programs are at least partially written in this language or its cousin, C. Learning C++ is also beneficial in another way – as C++ is very similar to C, you can understand and (for the most part) code in C as well.


c programming

LearnCpp is a great place for both beginners and somewhat experienced programmers to get started with C++. The author of the site has very well written, thorough tutorials that literally cover every basic lesson (such as installing a good IDE, like my favorite Geany for Linux) to some pretty advanced stuff (such as the latest changes in the 2011 revision of C++).

Out of all the sites I list here, I recommend trying this one out first before all the others. The tutorials follow a very logical pathway that builds on previous tutorials as you go along. Additionally, after each lesson, the author offers you a quiz to see if you understood what the lesson was about, which I find fantastic.

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c programming examples

CPlusPlus is another great website for learning C++. Although this website also has some tutorials, it is better used as a reference. There are multitudes of programming concepts that you can look up, which is very helpful when you want to use a certain technique but happen to get stuck.

This site may not be the absolute best for beginners, as its referential nature implies that it includes more jargon than LearnCpp.com would. However, the information included on the site is still very good and should be used as long as you understand what it says.


c programming

In case the first two websites aren’t your cup of tea for whatever reason, maybe you’ll have a bit more luck with Cprogramming.com. This website also includes a well-written tutorial and other goodies you can definitely make use of. I just personally happen to prefer LearnCpp.com because I find the tutorials on that site a little easier to understand, and it’s easier to navigate between lessons as they’re more organized (again, my opinion). However, your opinion may not be the same as mine, so if this works better for you, use it!

The good thing about Cprogramming.com is the fact that it includes both tutorials for C++ as well as C, so you can learn both languages through tutorials written by the same author. This is great for drawing comparisons between the two languages, plus if you found learning C++ to be easier with this site, it will most likely be just as easy with the C tutorial.


Hopefully, armed with these three sites, you’ll be able to get a grasp on C/C++ and start writing your own programs. Just remember that as you get started, functionality should be the priority over appearance, so don’t feel like your program is worth nothing if it doesn’t have a GUI. The algorithms and other coding are what makes a program do what it’s supposed to do, and if it works, then great! Mission accomplished!

Let us know what sites you prefer in the comments below.

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allison @ cheapdanny.com

why couldn’t these sites be available 10 years ago! They would have made my life a lot easier. ;o)

Danny Stieben

If only! But the same could be said for Facebook, Gmail as we know it today, etc…basically all of Web 2.0. :)



also checkout wibit.com

Humza Aamir

wibit.net, if the above link doesn’t work.


Thanks! Checking out that website.

Danny Stieben

Thanks Humza!

sahil waste

hi..thanks for the link….:)
.com is not working…



Can u suggest me some best websites to learn C language?



http://www.codeacademy.com looks good for a number of programming languages.

Danny Stieben

Looks interesting! Thanks for the tip!



Hi, are there any open source C++ languages. It’s like learning networking, you have to be able to afford the network programs first which costs are prohibitive for many people. Thx for any suggestions.

Danny Stieben

You can easily program in C++ using Linux, as all those compilers are open source. Microsoft should have a free edition of Visual Studio as well…it’s just not open source.


code blocks is free on windows and linux, and on mac you have xcode


Digambar mahto

Can u help me c++

Danny Stieben

Sorry! I know about as much as these sites! :)



Danny Stieben

Thanks for the tip!


Alex Allain

Hi Danny, thanks for the kind words about my site, cprogramming.com. I’d be curious to hear a bit more about what you personally see lacking in the tutorials and what concrete suggestions you’d have for improving them. Feel free to reply here or shoot me an email at webmaster@cprogramming.com.

I’m also wondering if you had a chance to check out my new ebook, Jumping into C++ (http://www.cprogramming.com/c++book/), which I believe you might like more than the free tutorials. If you’re interested, you can check the table of contents and sample chapter here: http://www.cprogramming.com/c++book/jumping_into_c++_sample_toc.pdf

By the way, to address the comment from allison – Cprogramming.com was around ten years ago :) I started the site back in 1996, and it moved to the cprogramming.com domain in 1998. It probably wasn’t as easy to find though ;)

Danny Stieben

Hi Alex, great to see you here!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll see if I can do anything with your tutorials and ebook. In any case, I can contact you soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

Alex Allain

Thanks Danny, look forward to hearing from you!


Ali Zaid

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You Can mail me To know more about me…


I’m afraid we don’t presently have an opening.



Pls. How can i increase the ISP speed in a cafe?



its very nice……


sukriti rawat

i want my life easier in programming world . so suggest me a easier way to know the c and c++ language.if u don’t mind send me the notes on my id plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .

A Non E Muss

Are you…. d. u. m. b. ?


Aravind Krishnan

Hello Danny,

Thanks a lot for the inputs! Will try the suggestions right away.
I hope to “makeuseof” them well :)



Donald Livesay

I have searched the internet for some real starter C++ but not one single program starts with what the hack are the symbols are for and what they do. every tutorial within the first few paragraphs jump immediately into programming. good god do you think the whole world knows C or C++. does ANY one know of such a tutorial that takes this approach that a person knows NOTHING of C. i sure would appreciate it


Virtus Musemakweli

Can you provide an update??? many thanks though!

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