3 Websites For Those Who Are Cat-Obsessed

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websites for cat loversForget the Cheezburger Network, and even forget Reddit for a second. We all know the Internet is obsessed with cats, and more importantly, we are aware that cats are actually our furry overlords (while we remain their ever-loyal servants, hence the Internet obsession). Silliness aside, the bottom line is simply that people like cats, right? Well, it seems like everyone already knows the go-to websites to help with their catisfaction.

I’ve found three more sites to help you with your cat-based needs, and hopefully, they will be up to paw….I mean “par”. Sure, we can look at the same old memes all day. However, we need something new – something fresh. That’s why I’m here. Consider me to simply be the person who is changing out your litter box.

Grumpy Cat

websites for cat lovers

The Grumpy Cat phenomenon has taken the Internet by storm. However, it would appear that while everyone has been sharing grumpalicious photos and frown-turned-smile-inducing GIF animations, no one has taken the time to figure out the source. Over at Grumpy Cats, you’ll find the homepage of The Original Grumpy Cat. Here, you’ll be the first to see all of the poor feline’s photos with her chronically-frowning face.

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By the way, none of this is Photoshopped – GC’s legit. All that said, I often wonder as to whether Grumpy Cat is actually grumpy or not. Can you even imagine living your life that way? Sheesh.

LOL Cat Bible

sites for cat lovers

Religious affiliations aside, the LOL Cat Bible is a light-hearted take on the original Christian text, and the focus is mainly a feline view of the world rather than a holy book. In theory, the LOL Cat translation could be applied to any form of literature. It just so happens that this time around, the Christian Bible happens to be the victim (sans apocrypha).

With hilarious terminology including both Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat, this on-going project is definitely worth taking a look at. That said, let’s take a second to ignore the whole religious context of it all and appreciate the cat-based language.


websites for cat lovers

If you have a serious obsession with cats, then Catster is the website you should be checking out. Here, you’ll find everything (and I do mean everything) that has to do with cats today. The website features current events about cats, videos about cats, funny pictures of cats….there’s even a section of the site devoted to helping you out with adopting cats.

Do you want to know how to properly take care of your cat? Oh, well… Just go to Catster. I wasn’t kidding when I said that you should go here if you have a serious obsession with cats.


That’s it for the cats, folks. However, seeing that they all have nine lives, I’m sure this won’t be the last article about cats I write. Besides, the Internet can never have enough cats, can they? I guess it’s the addictions like these that keep me in business.

What other cat-related websites do you enjoy looking at? Have you ever used any of the sites above?

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People would go that far for cats?

Arron Walker

Courtesy of Sickapediabot: “The internet is a lot like Ancient Egypt, people writing on walls and worshipping cats.”

Joshua Lockhart

It’s awkward, but yes.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Here I thought I’m crazy of cats. Turns out I’m not even close to the ‘tamest’ fans.

Boni Oloff

I am not fan of cats, so i got same question like you..


Whomp Shanti

And no mention of Love Meow? Seriously?

Joshua Lockhart

These things happen.



what no kittenwars.com …. no stuffonmycat.com

geeeze …..


Umair Adil

Is there a good buy and sell cats website? I have been looking for one for a long time.


Go to your local animal shelter. There are plenty of beautiful loving cats there that need forever homes.



Try out this app for iPhone: Secret Cat – it’s a lock-box where you can change the look of the guardian cat.


Cyra Calkhoven

Me like :)


Timothy Liem

I hate cats.. I love dogs more than those creatures..


Keith D.

Good article… BAD subject! Yes, I use to luv cats but somewhere along the way I switched… TO DOGS! Now that is a Great Subject!

Darryl Montgomery

Doesn’t mean it is a BAD subject for everybody just b/c it is for you!!

Plus why did you switch to Dogs instead of liking both animals??? There isn’t a law that says you can only like one.


Somaiya Ebrahim

i dont have a cat :( my mom wont let me keep one in the apartment :”(


Veronica Maddox

I actually enjoy http://www.funnykittycatpictures.com/ It may be brand new, but it has some funny cat pictures and videos. One more thing, it happens to be one of the few sites that will work great on my IPhone.

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