3 Ways to Take Advantage of Color in Google Sheets

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Google Sheets is a viable alternative to Microsoft Excel, especially if you don’t need all the powerful features of the latter or frequently collaborate with others on spreadsheet files.

If your spreadsheets are looking bland, a little color can go a long way in sprucing them up. Besides making it more visually appealing, color can help you quickly distinguish different parts to he spreadsheet.

1. You can change the color of cell borders! Select any cell or range of cells, then use the border button (to the right of the paint can) to select which borders to insert. The pencil icon in this pop-up lets you change the border color.

2. If you have more than one sheet in a workbook, you can color-code their tabs! Just right-click a tab at the bottom of the screen and choose Change color from the menu. Using a few different colors, you could quickly see which sheets need work at a glance, or which are completed.

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3. When multiple people are working on a spreadsheet, you can see each person’s changes in color! Head to File > See Revision History to see the list of changes to your workbook. Each user’s edits will appear in their own color, letting you see exactly who changed at any time.

Interested in expanding your understand of color? You can learn color theory in an hour or less today!

What other ways do you utilize color in Excel? Let us know if you found these tips useful in the comments!

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