3 Ways to Download All Videos in a YouTube Channel

YouTube is great to check out videos on the fly. It’s fast, dynamic and incredibly easy to find other related videos. However, if you have to go offline, that won’t do you much good. Why not download those videos to your computer instead? Not only does this let your enjoy your videos offline, you can also use them in presentations or your own projects.

Downloading a single YouTube video is simple, but it’s a bit harder to download all the videos from a particular YouTube channel in one go. Today we’ll be offering you three ways to tackle this problem.

1. 4K Video Downloader (Cross-platform)

One of the easiest ways to download all the videos from a particular channel on YouTube is by using third-party software like 4K Video Downloader. A big advantage of this particular tool is that it is available for all operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux. This makes it a great all-round tool that solves our problem. However, depending on your needs, it may come at a price.
4k downloader   3 Ways to Download All Videos in a YouTube Channel
4K Video Downloader is free if you use it for individual videos, or for playlists that have under 25 videos total. In other words, if you’re looking at a rather small YouTube channel, take a second to look for a playlist. A lot of channels have automated playlists these days, like ‘most recent uploads’ or ‘most watched videos’. If that playlist has under 25 videos, you can use 4K Video Downloader to download them in a single batch, free of charge.

If you purchase a license key¬†($9.95 at the time of writing), all those limits go right out of the window. You can download a playlist with an gazillion videos, or even download all the videos from a particular channel, even if the channel has no real playlists. It’s this last option that’s especially interesting to us. You can, for example, download all the Technophilia videos from MakeUseOf’s YouTube channel.

4k 2   3 Ways to Download All Videos in a YouTube ChannelIn either case, using 4K Video Downloader is deceptively simple. First, you copy the relevant URL to your clipboard. This can be the URL to a single video, a playlist, or simply the URL of a YouTube channel. Press the big Paste Url button in 4K Video Downloader, and wait a minute while the application analyses the content behind the link. When it has finished, just select a filetype and the desired quality for the batch and press Download. Simple as that.

2. Free YouTube Download (Windows)

Free YouTube Download is mighty similar to 4K Video Downloader. Although the installation prompts you to install other bloatware (press no to these queries during the installation), it’s ultimately free. Alas, it is only available for Windows computers, so Mac and Linux users will have to sit this one out.

free youtube downloader   3 Ways to Download All Videos in a YouTube Channel

The operation is similar to the previous tool and equally simple. Just copy the URL of a video, playlist or YouTube channel to your clipboard and press Paste inside¬†Free YouTube Download. You’ll have to give the application a minute to parse the files, after which a playlist with those videos is added to the list.

free youtube download customize   3 Ways to Download All Videos in a YouTube Channel

Press the playlist count to customise which videos you want to download and which to skip. This is also where you’ll have to select the video format and quality for your downloads. You can preview how much disk space (and bandwidth) you’ll use with your current settings. If you’re satisfied, Close the playlist panel¬†and press¬†Download in the main application window.

3. BYTubeD and FlashGot (Firefox)

If you don’t mind an additional step or two, you can use Firefox add-ons for a free and cross-platform way to download all the videos from a YouTube channel. Most of the work is done by BYTubeD (or Bulk YouTube Downloader), but FlashGot makes it easier to download a large amount of files.

bytubed 1   3 Ways to Download All Videos in a YouTube Channel

Use Firefox to go to the relevant page on YouTube. In our case, that’s a user page or channel. After the page has loaded, select¬†BYTubeD from the¬†Tools menu in Firefox.¬†The add-on will browse through all the videos in the channel and find the relevant video files. In the next screen, select the videos you’re interested in (by ticking the Select All checkbox, shift-clicking, or using the selection filter), check the video format and quality.

bytubed 2   3 Ways to Download All Videos in a YouTube Channel

There are two ways you can proceed from here. In the right-most drop-down menu you can choose to Enqueue for Download and start bringing in all those files at once. However, this can be very taxing on your browser, especially if you’re looking at a large amount of files. It’s recommended to instead¬†Generate Links for these files and use FlashGot to regulate the downloads.

flashgot   3 Ways to Download All Videos in a YouTube Channel

After the download links have been generated, select¬†Tools > FlashGot > FlashGot All… to detect the files. Make sure that all files are selected, choose a destination and press¬†OK. FlashGot will start downloading the files three or four at a time.

And that’s all there is to it!

How do you take on bulk YouTube downloads, and what kind of channels do you use it for? Let us know in the comments section below!

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i use Jdownloader
you just paste the url (video or playlist) and the application does magic. love it. nice and easy.

Cristian Viorel P

yes, just yes :)


I agree with Pratyush that Videograbber is quite convenient to get the stuffs I want, but I also seek for alternatives to download and organize all videos efficiently. I use Video Download Capture to do the trick :)



Pratyush R

I’d been using http://www.videograbber.net for downloading videos by pasting the URL, (it has got various formats and quality types). There are other sites too http://www.downvids.net/ which works for it. (P.s: I didn’t use applications fearing of malware) Though, now I’ve got some other options too, thanks.



I can do with with Metrotube on my Windows Phone.


Manuel G

I use Freemake Video Downloader.
It is free and doesn’t have any limits, but it tends to crash when you use it to download more than 200 videos.



The DownloadHelper addon has a very old but little know feature: select all the text in a channel page (or your subscription page), right click and choose “Download videos from youtube links”. No limits, no headache. Found it only recently, it’s not very advertise, but I can’t see why one would use something like a 3rd party tool that needs install (+bloatware).


Thank you very much!! Works like a charm so far, way better than all the programs I tried. They slowed down my computer a lot. I got BSOD after running Free YouTube Download for about 30 minutes. It had horrible UI, I won’t go into details.


wow it worked like a charm :)



try software called mediahuman http://www.mediahuman.com works much much faster



I use http://keepvid.com/ fast and easy to use, just paste the url-hit enter and voila! you got the download links with different formats and video quality.


The theme of the article is how to download all videos from a Youtube channel. I went to the link and I can only download one video at a time. Unless I am missing something, thank you for wasting my time.


^ The…theme is ripping vids off Youtube, period. Unless the idea of manually copying/pasting URLs implies anything other than one video at a time, you wasted your own time, slick.



Youtube-DL is also a good command line option. I use it with WIndows and Linux . Also has various options (like only audio).



BYTubeD is no longer available: “This add-on has been removed by its author.” :-(



Thanks you awesome people



Anyone know of an automated channel downloader?
One that checks the channel regularly for new posts and downloads them automatically to a specified folder?

Simon S

Good question. You should give YTPodcaster a try.



Bought the 4k video downloader, for 9.95 which offered the ability to d/l entire playlists or channels, which was a big mistake. I have tried several different channels, d/l limit is 1050, will not complete channels or playlists. It “parsed” or copied the url of these videos for 90 minutes, before actually starting to download, which it did at about 5-40kbs/sec (I have 35 mps internet) meaning the server is horrible. In the span of 2 1/2 hours it physically d/l’ed 19 videos. No customer service, no response to emails. I blame this page for wasting my money offering this service. I would not use it for free as I could manually click single url’s using free programs much faster. They are not providing the service they are charging money for and swindling people with your assistance. I am upset at the waste of my money and time.



Another thing regarding the above. After paying the 9.95 for this pathetic program they send you a code to activate the ability to download entire channels (which it does not do). When I restarted my computer I went to enter the code again and it said “Can’t activate application. Key for another application”. So clearly this is a fraud. I suspect whoever is running this site must be getting some kick back for trying to push this program on people here and recommending it. Shame on you and your fraudulent ways.

Alex Miller

Hi Erik,

please don’t blacken our software that has been awarded by many happy users in the world and on what we continue working hardly, we provided you the full refund based on your complaints that were probably caused by your anitvirus or firewall blocking. Kind Regards, 4K Team.

Simon S

Sorry it didn’t work out for you, Erik. I can assure you that 4K Video Downloader is a valid piece of software, though. Even the trial demonstrates this.



very helpful……I want to suggest a method for downloading youtube videos using vlc player in simple four steps:1.open the link of the video as network streaming in vlc player.2.select media info and copy the location 3.paste it in your browser’s address bar .4.save it.For detail info with screenshots.Go here – http://www.superpctricks.com/2013/12/download-youtube-videos-easily-with-vlc.html



KeepVid.com is a web-based downloading tool. Site requires Java, as jDownloader does. You just paste the URL of the YouTube video and it lists all the formats available to download.

There’s also Orbit Downloader (free; old versions are better and don’t contain adware) and several Firefox add-ons, like Video Download Helper and 1-Click YouTube Download.

I also like Amar’s tip above involving VLC.



The programs mentioned in this article install unwanted plug-ins which seems intrusive to me. I have tried many of these type of Youtube downloaders and plugins. So far the best one for me has been the app that comes with houlo video downloader.



4K Video Downloader is slow, very slow to parsing videos( Really sucks), No problem to buy, activation successfully.

Honestly one of the worst is the best. For one reason, it works.

Free YouTube Download , not work. Crashed and bugged program
Mediahuman, sucks. A eternity to load videos, downloard never starting.
Direct YouTube Downloader. Incomplete load of video list channel.

Unlike this status of 4K Video Downloader, I think they can improve a lot with good programmers.



Hi, I also can’t download more than 1050 videos. Why is that???


That would be youtube’s problem. They won’t let the page (which is what all these programs read for downloading all the videos) display more than 1050 videos.

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