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This happens many times to me: I search on Google for a problem I’m having with my computer, click on a search result, reach the site (most of the time, it’s a forum), and boom! I have to register in order to view the solution on the page. Or worse, on some occasions, they want me to pay them to view the page.

But instead I have tried ways to bypass such sign up forms. Here are a few tips for you:

1. Bug Me Not

Aibek previously covered How To Access 'must signup to read...' type Websites without Registering How To Access 'must signup to read...' type Websites without Registering Read More Bug Me Not which is a wonderful service that provides disposable login details for most sites and forums. You could use those IDs and passwords to login – bypassing compulsory registrations. Most of the time this should suffice, especially for popular sites. There’s also a Firefox extension available.

Using Bug Me Not to bypass compulsory logins

But Bug Me Not obviously does not have login details for every site on the entire internet. Sometimes the login details provided for some of these sites don’t work anymore. In that case, you could try the following methods:

2. Google Cache

If the snippet near the result seemed to talk about the problem you’re having, there are high chances that Google Cache should have a copy of the website you landed on. One of the sites where it works quite well is ‘Experts Exchange’.

Using Google Cache to Bypass compulsory registrations


Instead of clicking on the direct link, just click the ‘Cached’ link near the search result. View the page. Go till the end of it. You might end up finding the information there.

3. Be the Bot

In a rare case when you’re not able to view the solution even by accessing the Google Cache, you can use Be The Bot.


Be The Bot fools the site to thinking that Google Crawler Bot is accessing it. And hence, you’ll get a view of the ‘real’ site via Be The Bot.

What other ways can you think of to bypass compulsory registration forms in sites, especially forums?

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