3 Ways To Schedule Updates To Your Facebook Page Wall

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free methods to schedule facebook updatesThere may be various reasons why you would find scheduling social media updates a good idea: for example, you may want to avoid clogging your timeline with multiple updates (when you have lots of new links to share) or you may want to send someone an update at the specific time (and you are afraid that you may forget to or you may be offline).

We have already shared a post on scheduling Facebook updates but most of the tools mentioned there (except for Hootsuite ) do not support page updates (you can only schedule updates to your personal profile).

Here are three fun ways to schedule your updates to the one (or several) Facebook page you are managing:


The ability to send updates to a few Facebook pages at a time? NO

PostCron is a new web app that lets you schedule Facebook wall updates and has a look very similar to Facebook’s own submission interface.

To use it, authorize the app to post updates to your wall. Now, just create your update, select the page you want it to go to and the time when it should go live:

free methods to schedule facebook updates

Here you go!

schedule updates on facebook

You can also edit or delete your scheduled updates while they are not live. Besides, you can “multiply” your update to go live on your page multiple times (I am not sure of the purpose of this feature though).

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Use Selective Tweet Status + Schedule Twitter Updates

The ability to send updates to a few Facebook pages at a time? YES!

(Just allow access to several of your Facebook pages – see the instructions below)

Selective Tweet Status is a Facebook application that allows you to automatically post your Twitter updates to your Facebook wall or to the walls of your Facebook Page(s). Like the name suggests, it will only post selective Tweets: those labeled with hashtag #fb

To enable Facebook Page wall posting, you’ll need to grant access to each page of yours separately:

schedule updates on facebook

Once you are done, use your preferred Twitter scheduling tool to schedule the tweet which will be then automatically posted to your Facebook Page Wall (the Selective Tweet Application recommends using Buffer app by the way):

schedule updates on facebook

Here you go!

schedule updates on facebook pages

Post Updates via Email + Schedule Emails

The ability to send updates to a few Facebook pages at a time? YES!

(Just CC your email to several email addresses tied to your Facebook pages – see the instructions below)

There’s a nice built-in feature that lets you post to your page wall via email. To configure it, go:

Edit Page -> Mobile (click “Edit”) – be sure to keep this email address private:

schedule updates on facebook pages

  • To update your status, write in the email subject line and leave the email body blank.
  • To upload a photo, email the photo to this address and include a caption in the email subject line.

Now, just schedule your emails containing Facebook status updates!

LetterMeLater is a great free reminder service that lets you easily schedule your emails. Thus, you can post your Facebook wall updates and schedule them with LetterMeLater:

Just sign up for the service and connect it to your email account(s).

Then, using your email client, compose a message using the following format:

Subject: Your Facebook wall update

Attachment: Your photo (if you want to share a Photo update on your page wall)

In body:

To: your Facebook Page email address

CC: your second Facebook Page email address (if you want to schedule an update to several pages)

When: the time you want the update to go live.

The tool is very flexible and supports various time formats. Here are some valid dates:

  • now
  • next tuesday
  • next year
  • 3pm
  • tomorrow 5:07 am
  • 5 hours
  • 35 minutes
  • Saturday March 1, 2012 at 6:00 AM

Here’s a sample email:

schedule updates on facebook pages

Immediately after sending the message, you’ll receive the status confirmation:

And at the set time, the update will go live:

free methods to schedule facebook updates

The beauty of this method is that it is very flexible and you can send updates from wherever you are (all you need is the access to your email inbox!)

Are there any other fun, free methods to schedule Facebook updates to your page wall? Please share them in the comments!

Image Credit:Flickr (koalazymonkey)

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Colin Carmichael

I think you mean PostCron, not PostCorn.

Ann Smarty

Thanks for the catch. Editor, could you fix please?


Rob Rogers

You can also use Outlook to schedule your Facebook status updates, http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/12331/use-outlook-to-schedule-facebook-updates/

Ann Smarty

Great idea! Thanks!



You should also check Post Planner out (http:/:www.postplanner.com) – it will let you schedule future posts on Facebook without leaving the social network on your profile, on all the pages and groups you admin or belong to (including videos) it also offers a smooth repeating feature and a huge status ideas database that helps increase a Page’s Edgerank. Only saying :-)

Ann Smarty

Thanks for sharing your tool! Looks nice, Let me check it out

Nb Hilas

it’s not free

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