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video games so bad they're goodSomething we see often in the realm of movies is films so bad, they actually come full circle and end up being good. Lots of action movies Check Out VFX Studio, The Most Fun Photo Editor I've Ever Used [iOS] Check Out VFX Studio, The Most Fun Photo Editor I've Ever Used [iOS] There are plenty of photo editing and sharing applications on iOS. There are apps to make you fat, apps to make you look like a zombie and apps that will give your picture that hipster... Read More from the 1980s and 1990s fall into this category. I’ve also seen plenty of independent horror movies 6 Movies You're Either Going to Love Or Hate [Stuff to Watch] 6 Movies You're Either Going to Love Or Hate [Stuff to Watch] Cinema can do incredible things to an audience. It can thrill with action, woo with romance and tickle with comedy and also suck pretty hard at times, though popular opinion can really be divided sometimes.... Read More where all signs point to the movie being an utter pile of garbage, yet, it somehow becomes incredibly entertaining.

While this might be common in movies, it’s more difficult to have this phenomenon take place in a video game. Quite simply, this is because a bad game The 3 Worst Video Games I Have Ever Played [MUO Gaming] The 3 Worst Video Games I Have Ever Played [MUO Gaming] I love video games, as you can probably tell by the fact that I write a weekly video game article here on MakeUseOf. However, just because playing video games is one of my favorite hobbies... Read More becomes difficult to play, while a bad movie still only requires the same level of interaction as a good one. Of course, some games manage to be just playable enough where its problems don’t ruin the game. When the stars align in this way, we end up with a game that will tank in review scores, but just has some quality that makes it so bad it becomes good.

The games that follow meet this description perfectly. If you are looking for some games that will make you laugh and give you a good time because of how bad they are, look no further than these “gems.”

Deadly Premonition

Everything about this game screams “do not play me.” It features graphics that look like they belong on a PlayStation 2 at best, controls that are so backwards from anything you’ve ever experienced in a shooter that it makes playing a struggle, and the voice acting is absolutely atrocious. The game was released as a budget title, which actually got it some attention it never would have otherwise.

video games so bad they're good

In spite of all that though, the game has a certain charm that makes it enjoyable. Sure, you are going to have to struggle to get used to the asinine controls, and you will laugh as the terribly acted story plays out in front of you. However, while all of this is happening, you will inexplicably find yourself having a great time. It’s just so quirky that it’s impossible not to love it. You can pick it up for really cheap, and it’s not a super long game, so it’s definitely worth playing through if you want a good laugh.


50 Cent: Blood On The Sand

For those unfamiliar, 50 Cent is a rap musician out of the United States. He quickly rose to fame with hits like “Wanksta,” “In da Club,” and plenty of others. In addition to his solo music, he also has a group known as G-Unit, which is featured prominently in this hilariously fun train wreck of a video game. While it might seem like a generic shooter on the surface, it’s actually so much more if you are willing to dig a little deeper.

awesome video games

The plot of Blood On The Sand sees 50 Cent and his crew trying to recover the skull that was stolen from them. This game is actually not terrible to play. The shooting is tuned well, and aiming feels natural. It makes the list simply because of its positively ridiculous premise and the fact that it has no business being as fun as it is. The game even has an upgradable “swear” button. It’s just a crazy romp that is tons of fun in spite of how downright stupid it is.

Two Worlds

When you think of open world RPGs on a massive scale, the first game that probably comes to mind is Skyrim The Best Skyrim Resources To Improve Your Dragon Slaying The Best Skyrim Resources To Improve Your Dragon Slaying The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an epic role playing game, but you probably knew that already. We’ve already harped on about why it’s not to be missed, how to improve your dragon slaying using... Read More . Rightfully so, as you could argue that it is one of the best games ever made. If you like all the good things about Skyrim, but you’d prefer a game that does the complete opposite and goes out of its way to be as bad as possible, you will love Two Worlds.

video games so bad they're good

Two Worlds toes the line between being unplayable bad and so bad it’s good. It’s filled with glitches, bad acting, clichés, and everything else you would expect from a bad game. That being said, it manages to take all of these flaws and turn them into a hilarious game that is actually well worth playing. To be honest, I could write a whole article about the things that are wrong with Two Worlds, but I won’t. Instead, just play it for yourself, and you will not regret it.


Can a game be so bad it becomes good? Absolutely. It’s a delicate line, and these games toe it perfectly.

What video games do you think are so bad they are good? Don’t say Superman 64, because let’s be honest, that game is just bad!

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