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chatroulette alternativeAlmost everyone these days owns a webcam. Skype has killed long distance phone calls and Chatroulette has been a breakthrough for web-based video chats. The idea of Chatroulette is to match random strangers for a one on one video chat. It’s a dream come true for exhibitionists and people with too much time on their hands, if they know what they are getting into How To Protect Yourself When Doing the Chatroulette Shuffle How To Protect Yourself When Doing the Chatroulette Shuffle Read More .

If you’re bored and tired with Chatroulette or if the site happens to be down, you should check out some of its alternatives. The video chat services I will introduce here however, are not deserted Chatroulette clones. They all offer something unique and are backed up by a community, which has made them attractive destinations for Chatroulette refugees.


Rounds is a Facebook application and a hybrid of the social network and Chatroulette. You can video chat with friends on Facebook who also use Rounds, meet new people, and make new friends. To participate in a ‘random Round’ you must have at least 100 friends on Facebook. This and the fact that chatting on Rounds is not anonymous, considerably reduces the amount of NSFW content seen on Chatroulette.

chatroulette alternative

As an active user of Rounds you collect coins, for example for taking and publishing snapshots, publishing your round link, or inviting friends. You can spend your coins on gifts, effects, skins, games, and other activities. The point is to have fun and interactive chats with your friends.


chatroulette alternative sites


Much like Rounds, Stickam is a social network built around video chat, only that it is independent of Facebook and really focuses on the video chat aspect. While many of the Chatroulette alternatives appear to be deserted, Stickam is buzzing despite or maybe because of the login requirement. It’s a lively community with a lot to discover, for example live musicians, live radio, and shuffle games.

chatroulette alternative sites

When you join the Stickam Shuffle, you are gently reminded that Stickam has a zero tolerance policy regarding obscenity and nudity. This makes it a fun and safe place to meet people and chat and the boys have a much better chance of meeting a girl than on Chatroulette.

chatroulette alternative sites

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On TinyChat you can easily create your own chatroom, but you can also browse and join dozens of existing chatrooms.

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The live directory shows a preview image of the person that established the chatroom and you can see how many people are broadcasting and viewing the room. However, you don’t know what you’re getting into until you join.

chatroulette alternative

You can connect with MySpace, Twitter, or Facebook, or simply type a nickname. In other words, you don’t have to sign up to join a chatroom. To share your webcam, click the Start Broadcasting button in the top left of the chatroom page.

chatroulette alternative

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Chatroulette remains the non plus ultra of anonymous one on one chat shuffling. None of its contenders has a big following and thus cannot compete. However, there are a few services that engage users with unique features and a fun community. The alternative video chat sites not only let you meet random strangers, but you can also connect with people and make friends.

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What is your favorite instant messenger or online chat room? Do you video chat a lot?

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