3 Tricky Tech Tasks Made Easier With These Mental Hacks

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It’s tough to remember all the advice we read, but keeping mnemonics in mind goes a long way to helping you. Today, let’s examine a few miscellaneous tech items that many people forget each day, but are easy to get straight if you take a moment.

First, know how you can never remember which setting is which on these common power switches?


The circle is off, and the line is on. There are two easy ways to remember this:

  1. Think of each as a wire. The off position isn’t making a connection because it’s not connected to anything. The on position is connecting two opposite ends.
  2. In computing, a 0 is off and a 1 is on. These symbols match that exactly!

Second, do you ever have to flip a USB plug three times before it finally fits into your computer? Next time, take note: most plugs have some sort of symbol (either the USB icon or a logo of some sort) on their top side, so keep that side up when inserting it.

Failing that, glance inside the plug to see which part is “filled” and line it up with the correct side in the port.

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Finally, everyone forgets which earbud is correct for each ear. Try taking a different-colored tip from a different pair of earbuds and replacing one side with it so you can tell the difference. If you don’t have another color, tie a little knot in one side — this way you can tell the difference in the dark, too!

For more help, check out how your Android device can assist you in remembering everything.

Tell us your best little memory aids in the comments!

Image Credits: Darren Pullman via Shutterstock.com, file404 via Shutterstock.com

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