3 Tools To Cross Promote Google+ Shares On Twitter & Facebook (Chrome)

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share google plus postOnce a new social media network is launched, we start looking for ways to cross-link our social media profiles to share our updates everywhere.

In case with Google Plus, it is hard to ignore the start-up as it sends you so many invites to join that you really “have” to give it a try.

Until you decide which social media network to stick with (or in case you make up your mind to get involved in all three), here are the three Google Chrome extensions to mix your major social media networks (Google+, Twitter, Facebook).

Extended Share: Twitter, Facebook, and More

Extended Share is a simple tool that lets you quickly share updates from your Google+ stream to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr profiles.

Immediately after having it installed, you’ll be able to set the networks you would like to share to:

share google plus post

After you have it set up, you can see tiny links “Share on” added to your Google Plus stream – click it to quickly update your timeline on another network:

share google plus on facebook

Helper for Google Plus: Twitter

Helper for Google+ is a sweet clutter-free Google Chrome extension that adds a few really handy options to your Google+ dashboard.

1. Share Google Plus Shares on Twitter

The tool adds a handy “Tweet” link to each of the updates on your dashboard. Clicking it lets you quickly (provided you are signed-in to Twitter) send an update to Twitter with #googleplus hashtag.

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share google plus on facebook

Translate Any Tweet

We all have a lot of social media friends from various countries around the world. Helper for Google+ helps to easier communicate with them: another interesting feature is the ability to easily translate any Google+ update using the little “Translate” link:

share google plus on facebook

The language to translate the message to is configured in the extension settings.

Besides the two fun features above, the extension adds the ability to search Google+ from the Omni bar, creates desktop notification of new Google+ updates (with sound) and lets you add linked hashtags to better organize your own shares.

The extension settings lets you disable any of the above mentioned features:

share google plus on twitter

3. Google+Tweet: Twitter

(Please note that there are some security concerns related to a similar extension Google+Facebook. Please read about this here)

Google+Tweet is a Google Chrome extension (also available for FireFox and Internet Explorer) that lets you cross-promote your friends’ Google Chrome shares on Twitter.

Once you have it installed, you’ll need to authorize the app from your Google+ dashboard using your Twitter credentials:

share google plus on twitter

Once you are done, you’ll be able to load recent Tweets of your Twitter friends right within your Google+ home. Besides, you’ll be able to compose a new Tweet there and share your (or you Google+ friends’) updates on Twitter:

share google plus on twitter

More Google Plus Tips:

Which social media network do you plan to stay at? Which ones are you going to keep frequenting? Please share your thoughts!

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it doesnt work. please dont post things that dont work

Ann Smarty

What exactly doesn’t work?


Nick Daws

Would like to see an article on Firefox extensions that will do this. They seem pretty thin on the ground at present.



links dont work. we have to find them manually.

Ann Smarty

Which links don’t work? I have just clicked through all of them. Googe+Tweet link brings you to a bit different location (not exactly the download page) but it is still the correct site.

What were you searching for manually?



this doesn’t work…false advertisement :-)

Ann Smarty

And agin, what wasn’t working for you? All the above extensions have been tested.


Tad Chef

Hey Ann, Google+Tweet is a scam. They change several browser settings without permission. For instance they replace your default search engine with their custom Google search engine where they get affiliate money. Also it seems to be spyware. Last but not least it didn’t work.

Ann Smarty

Hey Tad, probably it’s Google+Facebook you are talking about as I have Google+Tweet right now (just re-installed it to make sure) and it still hasn’t changed the default behavior you were talking about.

As for spyware suspicions, I did link to the related rumors right below the subheading.


Ann Smarty

Hey Cyril, looks good! Thanks for sharing!


Deborah A. Sullivan

Don’t get the Proxlet extension ….
can’t uninstall totally corrupted my Google chrome …
renders Twitter useless …
back to Firefox for now …
My Chrome is corrupted.



what is this Proxlet extension you are referring to? It doesn’t sound like it is related to the article.

If you have problems with something else, feel free to ask a question at MakeUseOf Answers and we will try to help you find a solution.



Hi, there is a new Plugin Gooce+ that allows the integration of Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter all in the Google Plus Frame.

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