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farmville on facebookIt’s true that FarmVille, on Facebook, has often be featured on technology blogs – MakeUseOf hosts reviews and how-to guides 7 Tips and Tricks To Be A Master At Farmville On Facebook 7 Tips and Tricks To Be A Master At Farmville On Facebook Read More as well. A lot of people enjoy the game. The opposite is also true — that a lot of people don’t.

I’ll go even farther than that. A lot of people can’t stand the sight of it. This is no criticism on the game itself – in all honesty, I’ve never even played it myself. And if you could simply choose ‘not to play it’ and be done with it, that’d be fine with me.

The real problem is its spamming – or, if you want, the spamming of FarmVille users. It’s hard to find a Facebook news feed that isn’t drowning in Farmville, Mafia, and recently Café World notifications. For whatever reason, if you don’t enjoy FarmVille on Facebook, here are a few tips and tricks you might find helpful to avoid it.

1. Hiding All FarmVille Notifications From Your News Feed

The ability to hide certain notifications has been around for a while, and is the main tip given to FarmVille-non-enthusiasts. Although fairly simple, a lot of people still don’t know they can do this. In your news feed, hover your mouse between two notifications, and a Hide button will appear. Clicking it allows you to hide all FarmVille notifications, or all updates from that person. Choose wisely.

farmville on facebook


On the plus side, hiding notifications this way is both incredibly easy and is remembered on your Facebook profile. This means you can use another browser, or sign in from a different computer, and the notifications will stay hidden. On the downside, there is no Hide all app notifications button, and you’ll have to repeat the process for every existing app, and whenever a new one goes viral.

A Tip For FarmVille Users
Let’s say you like FarmVille. Discounting the unlikelihood of you reading this article, here’s a way you can be part of the solution.

When you’re about to publish a story – by all means, achievements are fun – you’ll notice that you can customize who to notify. Clicking the little padlock will pop up some privacy options. If you choose Customize, you can create a list of fellow FarmVille brethren.

farmville on facebook

It’s a bit of extra trouble, but might be worth it if you don’t want to discredit a game you love. Help in keeping Facebook clean, and I assure you, a lot of people will (unknowingly) love you for it.

2. Hiding All App Notifications From Your Browser

This will work for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers. We’ve wrote about it before when we showed you 5 More Greasemonkey Scripts To Make Browsing Easier.

FB Purity, aka Fluff Busting Purity, is a browser extension that helps you clean up Facebook. Its multiple browser-compatibility and configurability makes it stands out from other, similar applications.

Apart from hiding Facebook App notifications, you can also strip your news feed bare of other (unwanted) notifications. These include Became friends with, Joined a group, Attended an event, and a score of similar stories. Because some of these features are enabled by default, it’s highly advised to check out the settings pane yourself.

If there are certain applications you do want to hear about, simply find their application IDs, and add them to the Application Whitelist.

farmville game on facebook

Fluff Busting Purity will automatically take care of those game and application notifications. Even when a new one hits the market. On the other hand, because it’s a browser plug-in, it’ll won’t work if you access Facebook from somewhere else.

3. Take A Stand With FarmVillain

There’s only so much you can do to voice your displeasure. Most people don’t. And in the end, I vote against fruitlessly complaining as well. Instead, let’s battle with history’s most-valued weapon: satire.

FarmVillain allows you to add FarmVille notifications to your wall as well. Only, they aren’t really from FarmVille. These stories mimic its ‘real’ counterparts, but in a highly humoristic, and often slightly disturbing manner. Shock your FarmVille friends on Facebook with tales of Mad Cow epidemics, Wookiee meat, illegal immigrant workers and red neck apprentices.

farmville game on facebook

Try not to overdo it, though. FarmVillain also offers a number of rather inappropriate and sometimes distasteful stories. Take a good measure of your Facebook contacts list before you decide what to post.

It’s getting harder and harder to live under the proverbial rock on Facebook. Do you have any other tips and tricks for FarmVillains? Speak your thoughts in the comments section below!

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