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In the past, we’ve shown you how to cut out Facebook annoyances Frustrated with Facebook? 5 Tips to Reclaim Your Sanity Frustrated with Facebook? 5 Tips to Reclaim Your Sanity The real-world social implications of Facebook make it difficult to deal with frustrating online situations. Here are five tips to help you keep your Facebook feed drama-free. Read More  and how to find a job on Facebook 8 Vital Things To Do On Facebook When You're Looking For Work [Weekly Facebook Tips] 8 Vital Things To Do On Facebook When You're Looking For Work [Weekly Facebook Tips] What would you do to get a job? Now, take a look at your Facebook profile. Does it look impressive? Would you hire that person? Maybe it's time to sort it out. Read More . Today, we’re going to dive into three more tips, each one showing you something that you didn’t know you could do on Facebook.

Hide From Specific People In Chat

On the right side at the bottom of your screen, click the gear icon under your friends list. Select Turn off chat for only some friends… and then start adding names. Click Save to make it appear as if you are offline, but only to those friends.


Exclude People When Sharing Posts

If you want to share messages with some friends but not others, the usual advice is to tag specific people in the shared message. This works great if there are only a few people who need to see it, but if you’d rather exclude entire segments of your friends list (e.g. parents, co-workers, etc.) then there’s a better way.


Write your status update as normal, then click the box to the left of the Post button. Select More Options > Custom > Don’t share with and start typing in names. Click Save Changes when you’re done, and this particular message won’t appear for the people you’ve excluded.


Update Relationships Without Any Drama

One of the most dreaded parts about ending a relationship is the inevitable status change that brings people out of the woodwork to ask questions you don’t feel like answering.


The good news? From now on, you can skip all of that in ninja-style fashion. Just click the About tab, select the Family and relationships section, and change your privacy settings to Only Me.

Know of any other lesser-known Facebook tips? Share them with us in the comments below!

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