3 Sites That Show How To Fix Your Broken iPod

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how to repair an iPodThe iPod product line is a masterpiece of design. Sleek, stylish, and very fragile toys.

A single scratch, a broken glass, or malfunctioning hardware quickly destroy that fleeting beauty. Worse still, you find out that your warranty is up or doesn’t cover the damage.

Repairs for expensive toys never come cheap. Or do they? What if you could undo the damage yourself for a small percentage of the cost?

I have compiled a collection of sites that provide tutorials on how to fix various damages and problems that are typical for the iPod, including hard drive, battery, and LCD replacement. You will find iPod repair help for different iPod generations, iPod Touch, iPod Mini, iPod Photo, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, and even the iPhone or your Mac.

Warning: MakeUseOf is not liable for damages caused by iPod repair that you do yourself. If you decide to do it yourself, follow the instructions carefully, but do so at your own risk.


As the screenshot below reveals, iFixit provides manuals for the iPod, iPhone and Mac. From the iPod product line the original device, the iPod Nano, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, and iPod Touch are covered, including different generations of each item.

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ipod repair

Once you have tracked down your device, you’ll see an overview of available information.

The “Step-By-Step Guides” address specific issues and how to fix them.

The “Teardown” explains how to open your device and examine its inner beauty. This is also helpful if you need to replace single parts, for example the battery. Generally, each step of the guide also has user comments with questions or further information on what may or may not work as described.

“Related Questions” come from the “Answers” category of the website. If you’re having an issue that has not yet been described, you may find a hint in this section.

The “Troubleshooting” guides help you to track down the origin of your problem and finally you may need “Parts” to perform your own iPod repair. Here is a list of all Troubleshooting Guides.


This site is mostly interested in selling you parts. However, they have produced PDF tutorials that show how to disassemble the iPod 3rd and 4th generation, the iPod Mini, and the iPhone 1st generation (2G) and 3G. A video is available for the iPhone 3G.

how to fix the iPod

Sometimes it helps to consider several guides for the same procedure, as they may highlight different details in the text and images.

Do-it-yourself repair descriptions in pictures and text are all good. However, nothing beats a video, which reveals all the subtle details and difficulties of using tools and fixing devices.


“I Fix iPods Fast” provides Video iPod repair Tutorials for the iPod Video, iPod Photo, iPod Mini, and iPod 3rd and 4th generation. More models are listed, but no videos are available, yet.

iPod video tutorial

There is a list of available video tutorials in each iPod category and below each video you’ll find a summary of its content, a warning in case it’s especially difficult, and tools needed.

Further assistance may be provided at FixYa, a sited dedicated to free product support. You may also find help on wikiHow, Instructables, and YouTube.

Did you ever successfully fix your iPod? Which resources did you use?

Image credits: ugaldew

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