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desktop wallpapers for computersWhen it comes to the look and feel of your desktop, the wallpaper plays a big part. You’ll probably be staring at your wallpaper whenever you’re not surfing around in your browser, and since your desktop is basically your computer’s symbolic home, you should make it feel like a home.

This is especially true for Ubuntu users, where the Unity interface takes most of its colors from whatever wallpaper is currently selected. Personally, I find simple wallpapers to be effective while not being distracting or confusing.

So where can you get them? Here’s my top three places I visit whenever I’m in the need for a new wallpaper.

desktop wallpapers for computers is arguably the most popular site when it comes to simple wallpapers, and with reason. This site is also my all-time favorite place to go, as the wallpapers they offer are often extremely minimalistic, usually creative, and sometimes even funny. Their collection is rather large, and it receives new additions continuously. Even better, offers a Mac application so it’s super easy for those people to browse the collection and apply whichever wallpapers they’d like. The application lives in your menu bar, with very simple preferences to configure and support for keyboard shortcuts.


free desktop wallpapers
Last but not least are the desktop wallpapers over at Vladstudio. I absolutely love the wallpapers which can be found here because they are all highly creative and look very, very good. Again, these aren’t quite as minimalistic as the wallpapers at, but I don’t think many people would mind after taking a look at what Vladstudio has to offer. All of the available wallpapers are offered in many different resolutions, including an astounding 2880 x 1800 pixels — that should keep the Macbook Pro with Retina display users happy. The wallpapers are also available for mobile devices, including your iOS ones, as well as for 2- and 3-monitor configurations. In other words, it’s quite difficult for you to have a setup which Vladstudio doesn’t have a wallpaper made for.

High Definition Wallpapers

desktop wallpapers for computers
My next pick is High Definition Wallpapers. While the site as a whole is known for wallpapers in general, if you type in “simple” into the search box, you’ll soon find a nice selection of more simple wallpapers. While these simple wallpapers aren’t quite as minimalistic as those found on, they are still very pleasing and clean wallpapers. The selection is decently sized, as the search returns 13 pages of wallpapers at the time of this writing. Even if you can’t find anything after searching for “simple”, there’s still plenty of others you can find in the whole site as it currently boasts well over 300,000 wallpapers. The best part? All of them have a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080 pixels.



I’m sure there are a number of other places which offer good wallpapers, but there aren’t nearly as many which provide quality “simple” ones. These three are the ones I trust the most, so I know without a doubt I’ll happily find the perfect simple wallpaper from one of those three. If you’re on the hunt for great quality wallpapers, I absolutely suggest that you give them a try.

Where do you get your wallpapers from? What type of wallpapers do you usually prefer? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credit: Pablo Fernández

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