3 Sites to Get Your Medical Questions Answered by Experts for Free

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Going to the doctor can be expensive, especially if you don’t have a health plan. What’s annoying is discovering you could have gotten his or her advice for free within the comfort and privacy of your own home by having your medical questions answered free from professionals online.

Often, diagnosing illnesses and symptoms can be extremely simple. Learning more about the condition that you have educates you, so you can make an informed decision on whether or not you should then seek medical attention or deal with it yourself.

Of course, medical advice is something you want from a trusted source. And the Internet is often presumed to be a bad source for health apps and information. However, there are quite a few websites out there owned and run by healthcare professional providing free medical advice and answers to readers questions. Here are three great sites where you can have your medical questions answered for free.

Editor’s note: MakeUseOf is in no way advocating self-diagnosis and/or treatment. This is merely a source of information. If you require medical attention, do not hesitate to visit a healthcare professional.

Medical Questions Answered Free – Ask Medical Doctor

This is a simple site with thousands of answered questions already in its database. It’s really simple to use and is held in a very high esteem by its users. Along the top of the site there are various categories and links to the doctors’ profiles and recent questions. There is also a ticker tape running across the top of the screen with numerous conditions including everything from Autism to Cancer and STIs.

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medical questions answered free

The homepage consists mainly of this question form which you enter your medical query into. The response time varies much in the same way replies to comments on a blog vary. Whenever there is a doctor on call, then your questions should be answered. 24 hours would be the maximum you’ll be waiting.

However, you may not need to even “˜ask’ your question. As I mentioned above, there are thousands already answered so performing a search or sifting through one of the categories along the top of the site may be quicker.

Med Help

MedHelp is a form of medical social network with over 9 million visitors per month. The community is made up of users and experts (experts are clearly marked). Registration is required to partake in the community. I think this is to keep you coming back and hopefully spread your own knowledge.

medical questions answered free

What I liked most about this site was that the community answers questions as well as experts. Obviously, the community could only answer general knowledge questions from their own experience. But with such a large amount of users there is bound to be someone there who went through it before you did. There is also user forums and dictionaries to look up medical jargon (this is very useful) and profiles of various health centres and treatments.

medical questions answered free

The community on MedHelp are supportive, mature and above all else, backed up by experts in their fields who keep the conversation accurate and dole out excellent advice to those who need it.

The site also offers numerous tools and web apps to help you keep fit and track recovery data. Ryan profiled those here a few months back.

MD Advice

This website is also great for having your medical questions answered. When you first log onto the site, click “˜Ask and Expert’ in the left-hand column. This will bring you to the a page where you can submit your question to the doctor and receive a reply via email.

There is also a vast library of previously answered questions, like the sites above. They also have loads of articles and information on the website such as “˜Drug Information’ and the “˜Health Library’.

The Health Library is the reason I chose MD Advice. It’s packed with loads of common injuries and illnesses such as sports injuries and pregnancy along with health advice and nutrition. Furthermore, there is a community message board and also live chat rooms for both the expert and the members.


Always remember though, information found on the Internet should only be secondary to that of a doctor who you can meet in person and have checks done. For medical emergencies and extreme cases with a sense of urgency, it’s best to visit your doctor.

So there you go. Before you rush off to the doctors next time, check to see if your symptoms are something which can be treated at home. Which online medical services do you use?

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I found more information on google search in less time than all the three above sites



Maria Johnstone

Great list Dean! Another way to get a free medical advise is to contact one of the many “medical tourism” websites that are around. I’ve contacted http://www.sublimis.com a few times and they’ve always been really helpful.



I went to the first “free” site you listed to see the deal. They wanted $4 to look at an archived answer! How is this free?

I run into this nonsense all the time looking to answer tech questions too.

I agree that google is probably just as useful, and last I looked, google doesn’t charge me to look in the archives



I went to the first site ( http://www.askmedicaldoctor.com ), and I could see all answers for free. There are thousands of answered questions in its database, and it may be worth to have a look at it.



I have had enlarged lymph nodes in my neck and under my rt. arm for over 2 months with a change in my stool. I have had blood work with a smear plate and a ct scan, both showing nothing unusal. The ct scan did confirm swollen nodes. I have taken a seven day supply of antibiotics and my doctor says we have to wait and see. It has been a month since ct scan and still no improvements. I’m am a 65 year old white male, I take crestor 20, clopidogrel 75 and lisinopril 10 daily with a 325 aspirin and a daily multiple vitamin. I have discontinued my medicines for a week and this did nothing to help. What do you suggest I do. I might add the change in stool is harder and larger and this started before the antibiotics.



where we get best healthcare solutions



Hi, i am coughing up blood a few days , it is small amounts of blood with secretions , that occur after violent coughing because i have been seek a few days , and i also concluded that the i cough up blood after lying down, (in the morning , after sleeping), right now i am feeling pain in the chest and my back ( i think that is from bag cough) it occur just 4 time for 6 days, and the last time was today, and it was very very small amount of blood and was not very red ( the last 3 times was very red and mucous ), I am 26 year old female, and smoker for 8 year. I am very concerned , should it be from prolonged coughing?


Hi, Alexandra. I am not a doctor. I decided to answer you because I see that no one has answered. So I think that unprofessional advice is better than none. First of all you should take a chest X-ray. It is absolutely necessary for all patients with such symptoms. I understand your fear and guess that you are most afraid of lung cancer. I can tell you that there are a lot of reasons which can cause coughing up blood. They include bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, cancer and a lot of others. No one could tell you without thorough examination. Considering your young age, I don’t think that lung cancer would be the most likely reason of your problem. 90% cases of lung cancer occur in patients older than 50 years. And you are only 26. So don’t be afraid. But also you should understand that your problem requires going to your physician. Don’t put it off. My father who is a heavy smoker had such problems twice in his life. First time it was caused by pneumonia. The second time etiology wasn’t completely clear but it certainly wasn’t neither cancer nor tuberculosis.


victoria crookshank

I have a Question. I get swelling and pain in my left wrist i had surgery before for cabltunel, and gagula sists, the problem now it swells up with back and blue and i loose steanth in my wrist. I’ve seen 2 doctors already for this they its carble tunnel syndrome. I don’t know how much i can take but lately it has gotten worse please help thank You



I have a question i think its a minor one but please answer it im dead worried.So i had a flu and cough so i went to see the doctor he gave me flu pills and cough medicine in liquid form.he asked me to take it 3 times a day.So today i forgot to take my medcine due to work and before i sleep i yolo took 3 flu pills and drank 30 ml of the cough medicine at once.Will there any side effects?what will happen to me?



Hi Dr.i slept with 2guys its October 2013 so I dnt know who is de father my last period 01 October.



I have had a very hoarse voice and my voice is deepened and I have pain only on left side of my throat plus I also notice a clicking feeling when I swallow . any idea what could be happing? This been going on last couple months



My sister lost her 44 year old husband last Tuesday to oropharyngeal cancer due to him bleeding to death. She unfortunately witnessed this.
She remembers him shaking and kicking while this was happening.
I am trying to find out if this was because he was bleeding out and if he was aware of what was going on and if he was suffering.
Please advise. It would be a great help.
Thank you in advance.


rahul paswan

plz help me to know what dose mean of Dis sentence … (No active lung parenchymal lesion is seen)



last month me and my girlfriend having sex but i used a condom.at first i rubbed my panis on her vagina.in this month she missed her period.is there any chance to get pregnant from precum?
please answer.

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