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It’s the holidays, and that means meeting with friends and family – and politics might come up. Are you wondering if your political viewpoints are correct?

That’s weird: of course they are. The entire Internet, and all the other media you regularly consume Eating Only Dessert: Why Your Information Diet Is Probably Terrible [Feature] Eating Only Dessert: Why Your Information Diet Is Probably Terrible [Feature] Email. Social networks. Blogs. Online video. People today consume more information than ever before, and typically only consume the things they really, really like. Clay Johnson compares this to a bad diet. "If you only... Read More , is constantly telling you how right you are. Why would you even doubt that?

Want to double-check? That’s stupid, but you can. If the following things are true, don’t worry: you’re right.

The People You Choose To Follow Agree With You

You’re awesome, so you wouldn’t follow anyone who isn’t. And clearly anyone you think is awesome must be pretty smart, right?

It’s therefore easy to conclude that the people you follow on social networks, such as Twitter, offer you a completely balanced way to gauge political opinion (at least, the opinion of anyone important).

Image courtesy Matt Brown
Image courtesy of Matt Brown

So if the people you follow on Twitter usually say things you agree with, congratulations: your political viewpoints are accurate!


Sites like Twitter and Tumblr are obviously ideal, because it’s entirely up to you who you follow. Networks like Facebook, sadly, are still based on real-life relationships – and your real-life friends and family may not be correct when it comes to politics.

Happily, Facebook is designed to account for this, and will slowly remove links and opinions you don’t respond positively to from your news feed. So if you’re not seeing universal agreement now, give it time. When the filter does its job, you’ll know your political viewpoints are completely correct.

The News You Choose to Consume Agrees With You

You’re really smart, so you only check the best news sources. Sure, there are other news sources out there, but your news sources are the most reliable – and the least biased. The news sources you like may occasionally get things wrong, but the news organizations you dislike are completely and utterly dishonest. They deliberately spin things. They can’t be trusted.

Image courtesy Iain Watson
Image courtesy of Iain Watson

Because you’re so smart, and because you only check the good news sources, it’s easy to know whether your political viewpoints are correct. Do the news sources you check regularly support your worldview? If so, congratulations: you’re right about everything!

The People You Disagree With Are Ridiculous

The people you follow, and the news sources you like, will of course point out when someone you disagree with says something stupid. Whether it’s a politician from that other party, or a commentator who typically aligns with them, the people you follow and the news sources you choose to consume will be quick to point out anything foolish these people say (and some things they didn’t, but that’s just an honest mistake).

You should click through to such stories immediately, because they are strong indicators that your political viewpoints are accurate. How could you be wrong if the people who disagree with you occasionally say stupid things? If you can find articles like this about the people you disagree with, congratulations: your political views are accurate.

Of course, upon occasion less reputable news organizations will take the words of someone you agree with out-of-context, in an attempt to make them sound stupid. It’s unfortunate that so-called journalists would resort to such tactics, but that’s the sad state of online journalism. Don’t worry: all the people with integrity agree with you.

Embrace Your Bubble


Now you know that all of your political viewpoints are accurate. Doesn’t that feel good? And it’s all because of the magic of Internet!

The web is designed to keep you interested – at least, the sites that you use every day are. Facebook works hard to make sure the posts you see are interesting, using your past habits to predict what sort of things will keep you liking and scrolling. Google’s results are similarly customized to keep you engaged. Even news organizations are tracking your habits, and striving to give you only what you want.

And what you want is to read that you’re right. Which makes sense, because you are right. About everything. Why would you even doubt that?

While we’re thinking about this, be sure to ignore fact checking websites 4 Fact Checking Sites You Should Read Before Voting 4 Fact Checking Sites You Should Read Before Voting Quickly check whether a political statement is fact, fiction or something in between. Fact checking sites won't give you all the answers or tell you what to think, but they they can help you sort... Read More . Most of them are biased too – at least, they are if they disrupt your completely accurate political viewpoints (feel free to cite them if they support your view).

Are your political viewpoints completely accurate? Of course they are, but please: tell me how accurate they are in the comments below.

Image Credits: Allen Brewer Via Flickr

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  1. Jon S
    January 22, 2014 at 6:46 pm

    To the
    Why does using an apostrophe in comments result in posting a reverse solidus?
    You might want to see about that.

    Have a GREAT day, neighbor!

    • Tina S
      January 23, 2014 at 12:16 pm

      Must be a revolution of the small characters.

  2. Jon S
    January 22, 2014 at 6:42 pm

    Hello, all.
    Is this just more of that self-indulgent BS that passes for actual accurate analysis, and intelligent thought/discourse?
    Politics? *REALLY*? Are you stupid?
    Or, are you |possibly?| being silly, as in childish, immature, and foolish frivolity? Is this a failed attempt at 'humor'?
    Intelligent people know that the government is a fraud, elections are frauds, politicians are frauds, crooks, traitors, and [mostly] useless parasites. Worse, IMO, is the complete immorality, dishonesty, and hypocrisy that characterizes and identifies the vast majority of 'politicians', and hence their 'supporters' [doesn't that term remind you of the garment male athletes wear under their clothes? (commonly called a 'jockstrap)]. Really, 'politics' is *not* an area where personal opinion has any validity or value. Truly, 'politics' is nothing more than an immoral effort to distract people from the fact that the 'government' is a complete failure, and is being wholly misused and misdirected.
    In actuality, 'government', in the "American" sense, is *not* a matter of opinion, like which is 'better', fried eggs, or scrambled eggs. In America, the 'government' is defined by legal documents, particularly the Constitution, and others. In every case, when the 'government' fails to meet the legal criteria, as set forth in the relevant legal documents, the 'government' has literally failed. The Constitution was not written by lawyers, and almost anyone of reasonable intellect can read and understand it.
    'Politics' is the 'sleight of hand' used by counterfeit Americans to subjugate the general public to their own wicked, evil, duplicitous, corrupt, illegal, immoral, and dishonest ends, mainly for personal gain at the expense of the public.
    'Politics' is the artifice, the ruse, the scam, the con by which charlatans, criminals, and imposters have stolen the 'government', and great wealth and treasure from 'we the people'.
    In the minds of some, 'politics' is nothing more than the subversion and destruction of freedom, democracy, and liberty by statists bent on destroying the most sincere form of 'government' devised by man.

    Have a GREAT day, neighbors!

  3. Joel L
    December 26, 2013 at 9:57 pm

    Unfortunately, the type of insular thinking made fun of in the article is prevalent in many spheres outside of politics. I've noticed myself starting to "ignore" the opposition on a lot of my personal views, not because I want to avoid confrontation (I love a good and healthy discussion) but because so many opposers spout the same tired arguments that they've collected in the way that the article describes.

    It's a self-perpetuating cycle, really. Person A is insular and close-minded, so Person B avoids Person A and people like Person A, which eventually leads to Person B dialoguing less and less with people who hold the same stance as Person A.

    Also, strawmen everywhere.

  4. dragonmouth
    December 26, 2013 at 7:07 pm

    Your tongue is making a VERY big bulge in your cheek. LOL!

  5. m31n3n3m3n3
    December 25, 2013 at 11:16 pm

    Welcome to the Brave New World: a place where (i suppose) we tailor our own private worlds - i consume it, therefore i belive it...the choice (is there one?) is yours and yours alone!

    • dragonmouth
      December 26, 2013 at 7:05 pm

      This is no Brave New World. It has been going on since Humans came down from the trees and began to communicate intelligently. Humans have always gravitated towards others who share their opinions. Birds of a feather flock together. It is called confirmation bias.

      A sign of a well-educated man is that he shares your view point.

  6. Bob39183
    December 25, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    I may never get another question answered by you, but...

    All you have described is various versions of the Self Fulfilling Prophesy.

  7. budthebusman
    December 25, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    These comments only prove the author of this article's point.

  8. Helen
    December 25, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    Very good job. I have been saying for years that people tend to follow the stories that they agree with.

  9. Keefe K
    December 24, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    With the nature of politics, views tend to not always be accurate. And it's impossible to determine if they just by the people around you agree, and the news station you watch. These can make us think we're right, but basically politics boils down to our personal preferences, views, and morals. Ofcourse, it's easy to look backwards in time and scorn previous views that were once strong, like black segregation. However, the newer generations have been taught of what happened back in those days, and have learned that racism is wrong. Therefore, the general outlook has shifted from people demanding that the two colors be separated, to the intolerance of racism. I know that based on the fact I was born in 1991, and therefore I believe it's wrong. This will affect my political views, as any politician trying to discriminate someone based on color, gender, sexual preference, ect., ect., is in the wrong. I have friends who share the same ideas around me, and news to back me up. So that'd technically make me right according to this article, eh? Well, while I feel I'm right, others may say I'm wrong. So who is really right, and who is really wrong? It's impossible to tell, because only with time will we ever see. After all, being 'right' just involves carrying the popular consensus, right?

    It's a tough topic to tackle...mostly because today fiction is traded of as facts, and facts as fiction. The lines between facts have been blurred into opinions, as we argue what facts are true, and which aren't. I can only pray that a day will come when humanity will celebrate it's differences. But then my political views are centered around diversity, goodwill, freedom, and the equality of all. I don't think anyone here can dispute my morals, but you all can surely dispute my methods of achieving them! Such is human nature, unfortunately, although I'm proud to say we've come a long way. But we still have a long way to go in my eyes.

  10. Db
    December 24, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    1.) Benghazi was caused by a Youtube Video...damn cute cat videos.
    2.) My families health insurance was cancelled due to Obamacare [ACA].
    2a.) Our new plan via ACA costs more (179% increase in premium $$).
    2b.) Provides my family with less coverage.
    2c.) Our family doctor is not included/available, nor is our 2nd or 3rd choice for doctors.
    2d.) Doctors available via the new plans are questionable at best.
    2e.) Hospitals we can go to are not the good ones we've come to trust.
    2f.) Quality of the hospitals available are at the bottom end of the quality scale.
    2g.) Our deductible skyrocketed...from $2,000.00/year to $12,000.00/year.
    3.) Our business & business partners have been slammed with odd regulations that benefit nobody.

    I could go on all day....its sad what Washington DC has become. I do NOT support any party. The folks in DC do NOT have "we the people" in their best interests. If you argue Republican vs. Democrat vs. Tea Party vs. Whomever then you are caught in their web.

    Personal responsibility will set you free. 50% + of the US population receives a check from the govt. Is that right or wrong?

  11. Bug
    December 24, 2013 at 1:27 pm

    If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.