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foodDid you fast during lent? If you did, what were you craving the most? Well, obviously fasting time is over and it’s time to indulge in sinful food again!

But don’t drop the good habits all at once. Fast food is passé and slow food is on the rise!

If you haven’t done so already, learn how to cook properly. That is goodbye to microwave and freezer (at least for the most part)! If you already know how to cook, but are running out of delicious recipes, you’ll not be disappointed either.

Here is a list of sites to give you some inspiration and fresh ideas, including practical advice and simple recipes for beginners. Maybe this is the time to start something new!


cookWant to rely on recipes from professionals? Then Cookstr is definitely for you as it contains recipes from hundreds of chefs and cookbook authors. A contributing celebrity chef you certainly know is Jamie Oliver. And I’m sure the other contributors are celebrities, too…somewhere.

You can search the site by recipe, ingredients or chef. If you’re totally uninspired you can hit the Surprise Me! button and see what it comes up with. Totally awesome is the refine search feature which lets you filter recipes for cost, skill level, total time, holiday, course, season, mood and a lot more.

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Ingenious! Coming soon is a section with Tips & Techniques.


In case you’re not a good cook, I would recommend to browse recipes and find something that sounds simple enough. For example start with Italian cuisine and then use the refine search feature on the left to filter the Italian recipes for skill level, kid friendly and/or ingredients.


cookthinkA recipe site designed to please your cravings.

What’s nice about this site is that you can create an account, post comments, save your favorite recipes or share your own. This feature is yet lacking from Cookstr, although I hear that it’s in the planning.


You can search by ingredient, dish, cuisine or mood. From the different category tag clouds you can build your custom search string. Simply go through them and click the most popular tags. Or manually add your own.

cooking explained

The site also contains a reference section for beginners. Here you can review common kitchen jargon and receive explanations about techniques, tools, ingredients and different cuisines. Even the experienced amateur chef will learn something new here.

In Your Kitchen

kitchenIf reading recipes isn’t enough, In Your Kitchen is for you!

The site features recipes paired with videos. Visual demonstrations are just so much easier to grasp then written instructions.

In addition to recipes, the site invites you to view tours of wineries and restaurants, and being a signed up user you can even post your own material.


What more could you ask for? Oh, that one chef, Diane Stopford, looks a little like the young Kim Basinger. Now aren’t you tempted to have a look already? Guys?

Alright, for those that are not tempted, these are the two sites you should absolutely avoid if you want to eat healthy!

This Is Why You’re Fat


Actually it’s just a blog with a collection of photos featuring bad food. But it could trigger some serious cravings. So don’t go there. I won’t even share a picture.

Breakfast Blogger


A blog dedicated to breakfasts. Those that you can make yourself and those that are served at public places. Some posts contain recipes.

The site has not been updated for a while, but the archives are worth it if you want to feel sick just from seeing fat. It’s incredible what some people will have for breakfast – voluntarily!

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What is your favorite dish and who is your favorite celebrity chef?

Image credits: woodsy

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    September 27, 2009 at 10:44 am

    great post, thanks

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  3. Michael the Dumb Tech Geek
    April 17, 2009 at 1:40 pm

    I believe when I visited Cookthink awhile back its layout actually confused me. You couldn't search by ingredients or recipe names, only by strange and arbitrary things. "I'm feeling kinky, what should I eat?" Not the time to be in a kitchen....
    I messed with Supercook for awhile. You can give it a few ingredients and it will find recipes containing those things and as little or as much else as you like. Very much appreciated, since most of the meals I throw together are combinations of whatever's in my pantry at the time.
    And to think I was just considering throwing some recipes up on my blog. Hmm... Oh well. Still got funny videos, Naruto summaries, and the occasional tech review. That'll keep me busy for a week or so.

  4. Make Money On Line
    April 14, 2009 at 11:28 am

    Great Post. My mother was looking for something like this, I will pass these good recipes along to her keep the great post coming!

  5. Mackenzie
    April 14, 2009 at 11:22 am

    Cooking For Engineers rocks. Their style of recipe cards is the most clear & concise I've ever seen.

    I usually get recipes from VegWeb though.

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