3 Really Inspiring Fitness Infographics, Plus Create One Of Your Own!

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When you’re trying to eat healthily, exercise daily and generally be good to your body, it can be a bit of a drag without regular inspiration and motivation to keep you going. Plus, we all like to find tips and hacks that will make the process of getting into shape easier for us. So, where do you get your inspiration?

One cool way to get inspired is to look at some of the best infographics out there. These have been compiled to get all the best information to you in the most visual way possible. There are fitness infographics for tips and tricks, useful applications and typical attitudes to developing good fitness habits. So whatever helps you is probably covered somewhere. And what’s really neat is that you can also easily make your own fitness infographic to inspire yourself even more!

Reddit’s Guide To Fitness

Reddit‘s fitness geeks in Fittit have spent many hours researching independently and debating the merits of various health and fitness techniques. The folks at Greatist have pulled together all of the best one-liners, basic tips and plans to create an infographic which tells you everything you need to know about improving your health.

Yes, some of it is over the top and some of it is a little conflicting, but that’s the world of fitness hacks and health advice. You just take the general health advice, then try the hacks which work for you and leave the rest.

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See the full high-resolution version of Reddit’s Guide To Fitness.

Anatomy Of A New Fitness Routine

Whenever humans try to change their habits they are thwarted by nature and are very likely to revert to their old habits. Part of breaking this cycle is realising that it’s human nature to find it difficult to create new habits. Mostly this is because we aim too high to begin with or don’t know what the best techniques are.

Vibram Five Fingers aim to help us through this by showing us the anatomy of a new fitness routine in infographic form. It also shows you your statistically best fitness resources, the best motivation for being fit, and shows you the best dos and don’ts of fitness. It’s a great thing to look at just before you work out.

See the full high-resolution version of Anatomy Of A New Fitness Routine.

High Table’s Best Apps For Health & Fitness

High Table has collected their favourite healthy mobile applications, covering exercise recording, food nutrition and calorie counting, plus apps for improving sleep and calculating how effective your sleep is. They include apps like Runkeeper, Nike Training Club, Fooducate and Sleep Bug.

Here at MakeUseOf we also love fitness apps for iPhone and Android, so check out our latest health and fitness articles too.

See the full high-resolution version of Healthy Apps.

Use Notch.me To Create Your Own Fitness Infographic

Notch.me is a neat web application based on Fitbit, which we’ve covered previously in detail here. It’s a quick sign-up, which you then link to your Fitbit account.

Instantly, you’ve got a neat infographic of your healthy activities, which you can easily share with your friends or keep for your own motivation. Maybe you’ll print it out or maybe you’ll hide it in shame. Whatever the result, let’s hope it’s motivation to get moving!

More Infographics

If you’re a fan of infographics, you might also want to check out these two articles:

What motivates you to exercise and stay healthy? Do you have a favourite app or motivational poster? Or do you have a slogan you love? Let us know in the comments!

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All of this are useless without willpower


So true! Without willpower we’re like bodies without bones…

Angela Alcorn

Yeah, that’s true. But no-one can give you that in an infographic. :)


Josh VanMeter

Love infographics, and those two links are exciting


Imya Last

Love both of them.Infographics is great



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