3 Quick & Portable Applications That Make Windows Easier

settings   3 Quick & Portable Applications That Make Windows EasierI’ve got a huge passion and interest for portable apps. I’m a bit of a hoarder and collector, and the idea of being able to download a little piece of software and take it anywhere with me, forever, is one that pleases me very much. I’m pleased even more so when these applications help me customize and manage my OS of choice, Windows.

In this post, I’d like to introduce you to three different softwares that will assist you in managing your Windows system in keeping it neat and clean, saving and customizing configuration profiles, and navigating to folders quicker and easier. All three of them can be tossed into a Dropbox folder or on a flash drive, as they are all portable.

Quick Clean

qc   3 Quick & Portable Applications That Make Windows Easier

Quick Clean is one of many awesome applications developed and released by The Windows Club. Quick Clean works for all versions of Windows Vista and 7 and acts as a more complete way to clean your system of temporary junk files.

Windows’ built-in cleaning utility is the Disk Cleanup tool. From the simple interface of this application, you’re given a shortcut to immediately run that.

qc2   3 Quick & Portable Applications That Make Windows Easier

The Clean more junk files button is the main and only function of this program. Clicking that button will delete all of the following files from your system:

  • *.tmp
  • *.temp
  • *.chk
  • *.old
  • *.gid
  • *.nch
  • *.wbk
  • *.fts
  • *.ftg
  • *.$$$
  • *.err
  • *.—
  • *.~*
  • ~*.*
  • *.??$
  • *.___
  • *.~mp
  • *._mp
  • *.prv
  • *.sik
  • *.ilk
  • *.aps
  • *.mcp
  • *.pch
  • *.$db
  • *.?$?
  • *.??~
  • *.?~?
  • *.db$
  • *.^
  • *._dd
  • *._detmp
  • 0*.nch
  • chklist.*
  • mscreate.dir
  • *.diz
  • *.syd
  • *.grp
  • *.cnt
  • *.~mp.

Quick Config

qcon   3 Quick & Portable Applications That Make Windows Easier

A week ago I did an article on Startup Selector, an application that will allow you to save configuration profiles of your Windows startup. Quick Config is a very smiliar application that complements Startup Selector very well, as it allows you to save a configuration file of just about everything else other than your startup items.

In the screenshot above, you can see I’ve created a startup profile named “Test”. You can have as many profiles as you want, all switched back and forth with a simple click. You’re able to configure things like your default application handlers, system power scheme, browser settings, desktop resolution, and more.

qcon2   3 Quick & Portable Applications That Make Windows Easier

In my opinion, the best feature is being able to create a list of enabled or disabled services.

qcon3   3 Quick & Portable Applications That Make Windows Easier


QuickWayToFolders is a great way to create easy access to Windows Explorer folders that you’re always accessing manually. Many of us have Documents folders or external drives that we’re always in and out of, and QuickWayToFolders will allow you to navigate to or browse these folders through the system tray.

Upon first running the application, you’re shown the options. A folder for your desktop has already been created for you.

qwtf1   3 Quick & Portable Applications That Make Windows Easier

In your system tray, you’ll notice the icon for your desktop folder. Clicking on it will show the desktop folder in a desktop view.

qwtf3   3 Quick & Portable Applications That Make Windows Easier

There are plenty of different shortcut types that will allow you to change the actual view of your shortcut folders, some more suitable for certain folders than others. I’d recommend playing with all of those menu types.

Your available options per folder are pretty extensive also.

qwtf2   3 Quick & Portable Applications That Make Windows Easier

QuickWayToFolders is a tool that can save you a lot of time navigating through Windows Explorer. I’ve found it to be an incredibly useful piece of software.

Which of these three portable apps is the most useful for you? Do you have any other portable Windows apps you want to share with us?  Let us know in the comments!

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Richard Borkovec

My favorite portable app for Windows is called Ultimate Windows Tweaker. It’s from The Windows Club, like the first one, and has a ton of features. I always have it handy when I need to tweak things.


the one and only portable apps i always use is iobit uninstaller

Nguyen Tran

They’re so cool :)

Muhammad Ahmad

Quick Clean is really useful


Nice article

VS Vishnu

quick clean very useful…

Va Du

Quick Config sounds like something I would use often as I’m always tweaking things to make my PC more efficient.


Two of the best portable apps for me are Gigatweaker and Autohotkey

Dany Bouffard

Revo Uninstaller has a portable version too, and its one of the best uninstaller out there.

Igor Rizvi?

So basicly the quick clean is an extended tool,smiliar to the CCenhancer for Ccleaner.Great tools,Im a fond of portable programs myself.thanks

achyut reddy

I love portable app. Its amazing what you can do with them.


CCleaner is also a free app with similar features and it does a good job too.

Christopher Harlan

My favorite portable app is Advanced SystemCare 6 Beta 1.1 Portable. If you download the beta and go into toolbox, it makes a portable version for you! It has so many tools!!!

Alex Livingstone

Portable apps have saved my life at times. Great article.

Rigoberto Garcia

Tools downloaded and now part of my toolbox

Vampie C.

First 2 progs are great.

For my favorite folders, I use Listary.

Saurabh Kumar

They are wonderful and very very thankyou for sharing…….. I really wanted to know about the third one……. :)


CCleaner portable provides all functionality in one